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Family of Leslie Christopher MONGER and Joy Isobel GILL

Husband: Leslie Christopher MONGER (1909-1989)
Wife: Joy Isobel GILL (1922-1988)
Marriage Dec 1948 Surrey North Western

Husband: Leslie Christopher MONGER

Name: Leslie Christopher MONGER
Sex: Male
Father: Christopher Albert MONGER (1874-1950)
Mother: Alice Ellen GOULDEN (1876-1959)
Birth 6 Sep 1909 Basingstoke Hampshire
Census 1939 (age 29-30) Kingston upon Thames, Surrey
5 Dysart Avenue
Boarding in home of William & Marjorie SHAVE
Death 28 May 1989 (age 79) Camberley, Surrey
Squirrels Chase, 1 Tekels Avenue

Wife: Joy Isobel GILL

Name: Joy Isobel GILL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Oct 1922 Windsor, Berkshire
Death Jan 1988 (age 65) West Surrey