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Family of John Richard GUILLE and Jessie Hingston BODEN

Husband: John Richard GUILLE (1845-1925)
Wife: Jessie Hingston BODEN (1836-1877)
Children: Rupert J GUILLE (1871- )
Constance M GUILLE (1872- )
Harold W GUILLE (1874- )
Marriage Oct 1869 Camberwell, London

Husband: John Richard GUILLE

Name: John Richard GUILLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Dec 1845 Oundle, Northamptonshire
Death Sep 1925 (age 79) Newport, Monmouthshire

Wife: Jessie Hingston BODEN

Name: Jessie Hingston BODEN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1836 Kingsmoor, Devon
Death Jul 1877 (age 40-41) Camberwell, London

Child 1: Rupert J GUILLE

Name: Rupert J GUILLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1871 Southwark. London

Child 2: Constance M GUILLE

Name: Constance M GUILLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1872 Southwark. London

Child 3: Harold W GUILLE

Name: Harold W GUILLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1874 Southwark. London