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Family of Thomas HOY and Martha WALTERS

Husband: Thomas HOY (1817-1898)
Wife: Martha WALTERS (1815-1912)
Children: Thomas George HOY (1840-1929)
Benjamin Francis Thomas HOY (1842-1897)
Ann Rebecca HOY (1843-1892)
Martha HOY (1847-1914)
Jane HOY (1849-1923)
Charles Thomas HOY (1851-1933)
Louisa HOY (1855-1923)
Marriage Jan 1838 Royston, Hertfordshire

Husband: Thomas HOY

Name: Thomas HOY
Sex: Male
Father: [unnamed person] ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 20 Apr 1817 Great Chishall, Essex, England
Occupation Miller and Baker
Census 1841 (age 23-24) Barkway, Hertfordshire
Living with wife Martha
Census 1871 (age 53-54) Barkway, Hertfordshire
Living with wife Martha and children Charles and Louisa and grandaughter Emma M HOY age 6 born Harston, Cambridgeshire
Death 6 Feb 1898 (age 80) Barkway, Hertfordshire

Wife: Martha WALTERS

Name: Martha WALTERS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1815 Elmdon, Essex
Death 9 Mar 1912 (age 96-97) Chesterton, Cambridgeshire

Child 1: Thomas George HOY

Name: Thomas George HOY
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Emma THOMPSON (1842-1888)
Spouse 2: Eliza CORNELL (1848- )
Birth Jan 1840 Barkway, Hertfordshire
Cambridge Road, Harston
Living with Father & siblings
Census 1871 (age 30-31) Chesterton, Cambridgeshire
High Street, Harston
Census 1891 (age 50-51) Chesterton, Cambridgeshire
Cambridge Road, Harston
Census 1911 (age 70-71) Chesterton, Cambridgeshire
High Street, Harston
Mother in residence
Occupation Miller and Baker
Death Oct 1929 (age 89) Harston, Cambridgeshire

Child 2: Benjamin Francis Thomas HOY

Name: Benjamin Francis Thomas HOY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emmeline Jane DIXON (1845-1904)
Birth Jan 1842 Barkway, Hertfordshire
Occupation Journeyman Miller
Census 1871 (age 28-29) Southwark. London
Portland Place, Rotherhithe
Living with wife and children
Census 1881 (age 38-39) Carshalton, Surrey
Prince Albert Road
Living with wife and children Benjamin, Annie, Walter, Emmeline, George J William T; Louisa A; Eleanor C
Census 1881 (age 38-39) Epsom, Surrey
Prince Alfred Road, Carshalton
Living with wife and children Benjamin, Annie and Walter
Census 1891 (age 48-49) St George, Hanover Square
Millbank Street
Lodger in home of George and Mary Cuesdin, Coffee House Keeper. Stated as single. Birth place and occupation match
Death Apr 1897 (age 55) Rotherhithe, Kent

Child 3: Ann Rebecca HOY

Name: Ann Rebecca HOY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Philip LONG (1844-1924)
Birth Apr 1843 Barkway, Hertfordshire
Census 1871 (age 27-28) Bury, Lancashire
The Wylde
Cook in the house of Edmund & Camilla GRUNDY, Woollen Merchant
Census 1881 (age 37-38) Pendleton, Lancashire
191 High Street
Living with husband and son Andrew. Kate LONG (30), sister in law in residence
Census 1891 (age 47-48) Horwich, Lancashire
8 Dickinsen Street East
Living with husband and children
Death Apr 1892 (age 48-49) Bolton, Lancashire

Child 4: Martha HOY

Name: Martha HOY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edwin ANDREWS (1835-1925)
Birth Oct 1847 Barkway, Hertfordshire
Death Oct 1914 (age 66-67) Edmonton, London

Child 5: Jane HOY

Name: Jane HOY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Samuel ROYLANCE (1854-1946)
Birth Oct 1849 Barkway, Hertfordshire
The Wylde
Servant in home of Edmund GRUNDY with her sister Ann
Census 1871 (age 21-22) Bury, Lancashire
The Why
Census 1881 (age 31-32) Broughton, Salford, Lancashire
Broughton Park, Ravens Wood
Living with husband and children
Census 1891 (age 41-42) Kersal, Lancashire
The Lodge, Broughton
Living with husband and children
Census 1901 (age 51-52) Kersal, Lancashire
Living with husband and children
Census 1911 (age 61-62) Kersal, Lancashire
New Hall Farm, Littleton Road
Living with husband and children
Death Jun 1923 (age 73) Salford, Lancashire

Child 6: Charles Thomas HOY

Name: Charles Thomas HOY
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ann WATERS (1851-1906)
Birth Oct 1851 Barkway, Hertfordshire
Census 1881 (age 29-30) Barkway, Hertfordshire
High Street
Livig with wife Ann and children Ethel and Catherine
Census 1891 (age 39-40) Cottered, Royston, Hertfordshire
Broom Farm, Hare Street
Census 1901 (age 49-50) Enfield, Middlesex
18 Nags Head Road
Living with wife Ann and children Arthur, Clara Frank, Rebecca Ann, Frederick Charles
Death Apr 1933 (age 81) Edmonton, London

Child 7: Louisa HOY

Name: Louisa HOY
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1855 Barkway, Hertfordshire
Census 1871 (age 15-16) Barkway, Hertfordshire
New Town
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 25-26) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
14 Nottingham Place
Servant in home of Caroline S HILL
Death 21 Apr 1923 (age 67) Greenwich London