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Family of Timothy St Martin DELIUS and Annie Marie TOME

Husband: Timothy St Martin DELIUS (1931-1973)
Wife: Annie Marie TOME ( - )
Children: Catherine DELIUS ( - )
Jacqueline Mignonne DELIUS ( - )
Angelina Anne DELIUS ( - )
Carol Pearl DELIUS ( - )

Husband: Timothy St Martin DELIUS

Name: Timothy St Martin DELIUS
Sex: Male
Father: Daniel Edwin St Martin DELIUS OBE (1882-1950)
Mother: Mignonne Muriel Mary ELLIOTT (1895-1969)
Birth 26 Oct 1931 Simonstown, South Africa
Death 1973 (age 41-42)

Wife: Annie Marie TOME

Name: Annie Marie TOME
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Catherine DELIUS

Name: Catherine DELIUS
Sex: Female

Child 2: Jacqueline Mignonne DELIUS

Name: Jacqueline Mignonne DELIUS
Sex: Female

Child 3: Angelina Anne DELIUS

Name: Angelina Anne DELIUS
Sex: Female

Child 4: Carol Pearl DELIUS

Name: Carol Pearl DELIUS
Sex: Female