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Family of Margeret M DAWSON and Stephen (Etienne) St Martin DELIUS

Husband: Margeret M DAWSON (1893- )
Wife: Stephen (Etienne) St Martin DELIUS (1890-1976)
Children: Elizabeth Ann DELIUS (1918-2006)
Marriage Dec 1914 Kirkby, Yorkshire

Husband: Margeret M DAWSON

Name: Margeret M DAWSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 21 Feb 1893 Burgess Hill, Sussex
Census 1901 (age 7-8) Balcombe , Sussex
Balcombe House
A visitor in the home of Johann and Mageurite DELIUS

Wife: Stephen (Etienne) St Martin DELIUS

Name: Stephen (Etienne) St Martin DELIUS
Sex: Female
Father: Johann Daniel DELIUS (1838-1901)
Mother: Stephanie SAINT-MARTIN (1847-1890)
Birth 21 Jan 1890 Pannal, Bradford, Yorkshire
Baptism 31 Mar 1890 (age 0) Harrogate, Yorkshire
Fulwith Grange
Census 1901 (age 10-11) Walton in Gordano, Somerset
Walton Lodge
Boarding School
Census 1939 (age 48-49) Harrogate, Yorkshire
21 Rutland Road
Living with wife Margery
Death 24 Oct 1976 (age 86) Harrogate, Yorkshire

Child 1: Elizabeth Ann DELIUS

Name: Elizabeth Ann DELIUS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Anthony Locke LOVIBOND (1912-1989)
Birth 5 Mar 1918 Wetherby, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 20-21) Harrogate, Yorkshire
21 Rutland Road
Living with Uncle Stephen and Aunt Marjery
Residence 1960 (age 41-42) Greenwich London
15 Manor Way
Living with husband Anthony
Death Jun 2006 (age 88) Greenwich London