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Family of Levi OLIVER and Sarah Elizabeth PACEY

Husband: Levi OLIVER (1868-1950)
Wife: Sarah Elizabeth PACEY (1870-1948)
Children: Agnes Elizabeth OLIVER (1900- )
William George OLIVER (1904- )
Marriage 26 Dec 1894 Beddington with Wallington, Surrey

Husband: Levi OLIVER

Name: Levi OLIVER
Sex: Male
Father: George OLIVER (1831-1911)
Mother: Emma PITHER (1836-1910)
Birth Oct 1868 South Warnborough, Hampshire
Census 1881 (age 12-13) South Warnborough, Hampshire
The Hop Kiln, New farm Cottage
Living with parents
Residence 1894 (age 25-26) Beddington with Wallington, Surrey
Great Woodcote Farm
Census 1901 (age 32-33) Wallington, Surrey
9 Belmont Road
Living with wife Sarah and daughter Agnes
Occupation 1901 (age 32-33) Stoker; Cauchill Asylum, Surrey
Census 1911 (age 42-43) Wallington, Surrey
48 Belmont Road
Living with wife Sarah and children
Occupation 1911 (age 42-43) Labourer - Builder; Wallington, Surrey
Death Mar 1950 (age 81) Islington, London

Wife: Sarah Elizabeth PACEY

Name: Sarah Elizabeth PACEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 1870 East Worldham, Hampshire
Death Mar 1948 (age 78) Islington, London

Child 1: Agnes Elizabeth OLIVER

Name: Agnes Elizabeth OLIVER
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1900 Wallington, Surrey

Child 2: William George OLIVER

Name: William George OLIVER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Agnes Winifred MARSHALL (1908- )
Birth 30 Jul 1904 Wallington, Surrey
Census 1939 (age 34-35) Beddington with Wallington, Surrey
48 Belmont Road
Living with Agnes W (Oliver) MARSHALL b. 29 Oct 1908