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Family of John Bailey HOLROYD and Emily Anne SMITH

Husband: John Bailey HOLROYD (1827-1894)
Wife: Emily Anne SMITH (1830-1896)
Children: William Frederick HOLROYD (1855- )
Charles James HOLROYD (1856- )
Emily M L HOLROYD (1857- )
George E HOLROYD (1859- )
Lucy B HOLROYD (1861- )
Helen S HOLROYD (1862- )
Marriage Apr 1852 Worksop, Nottinghamshire

Husband: John Bailey HOLROYD

Name: John Bailey HOLROYD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 9 Feb 1827 Halifax, Yorkshire
Occupation Legal Profession - Attorney at Law
Death Apr 1894 (age 67) Halifax, Yorkshire

Wife: Emily Anne SMITH

Name: Emily Anne SMITH
Sex: Female
Father: Charles George Whitaker SMITH (1797-1875)
Mother: Mary TRUEMAN (1808- )
Birth 1830 Tickhill, Yorkshire
Death Jan 1896 (age 65-66) Halifax, Yorkshire

Child 1: William Frederick HOLROYD

Name: William Frederick HOLROYD
Sex: Male
Birth 1855 Halifax, Yorkshire

Child 2: Charles James HOLROYD

Name: Charles James HOLROYD
Sex: Male
Birth 1856 Halifax, Yorkshire
Occupation Architect & Surveyor

Child 3: Emily M L HOLROYD

Name: Emily M L HOLROYD
Sex: Female
Birth 1857 Halifax, Yorkshire

Child 4: George E HOLROYD

Name: George E HOLROYD
Sex: Male
Birth 1859 Halifax, Yorkshire
Occupation Mechanical Engineer

Child 5: Lucy B HOLROYD

Name: Lucy B HOLROYD
Sex: Female
Birth 1861 Halifax, Yorkshire

Child 6: Helen S HOLROYD

Name: Helen S HOLROYD
Sex: Female
Birth 1862 Halifax, Yorkshire