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Family of Charles Ellison MILLS and Elizabeth Catherine GJERS

Husband: Charles Ellison MILLS (1854-1929)
Wife: Elizabeth Catherine GJERS (1862-1911)
Children: John Gjers MILLS (1886-1951)
Charles Ellison MILLS (1889-1974)
Amy Harriett MILLS (1892-1980)
Harold Edward MILLS (1896-1970)
Marriage Oct 1883 Middlesborough

Husband: Charles Ellison MILLS

Name: Charles Ellison MILLS
Sex: Male
Father: John MILLS (1826-1916)
Mother: Cornelia Wilson ELLISON (1829-1882)
Birth Apr 1854 Stockton on Tees, Durham
Census 1901 (age 46-47) Stokesley, Yorkshire
Tanton Hall
Living with wife and children John, Amy and Harold
Death 24 Jul 1929 (age 75) Atbara Sudan
of Newham Hall, Nunthorpe Yorkshire. Probate to Walter Herbert, Chales Ellison, John Gjers, Harold Edward MILLS. Estate value - £74045

Wife: Elizabeth Catherine GJERS

Name: Elizabeth Catherine GJERS
Sex: Female
Father: John (Carl Johan) GJERS (1830-1898)
Mother: Harriett FARRAR (1832-1883)
Birth 14 Apr 1862 Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Stainton Hall
Probate to Husband and Walter Herbert MILLS
Baptism 6 Aug 1862 (age 0) Halifax, Yorkshire
St John the Baptist
Death 13 Jul 1911 (age 49) Stokesley, Yorkshire

Child 1: John Gjers MILLS

Name: John Gjers MILLS
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Rita Nimmo HOPPER (1891-1957)
Spouse 2: Irene HODGSON (1894-1985)
Birth 5 Feb 1886 Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Baptism 1 Jun 1887 (age 1) Marton, Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Census 1891 (age 4-5) Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
9 Hope Place, Levenhall
Living with parents and brother Charles
Census 1901 (age 14-15) Stokesley, Yorkshire
Tanton Hall
Living with parents and sister Amy and brother Harold
Census 1911 (age 24-25) Stokesley, Yorkshire
Tanton Hall
Residing with Brother Charles. Apprentice Engineer.
Census 1939 (age 52-53) Stokesley, Yorkshire
Stainton Grange, Hawthorne Terrace
Irene MILLS also included on record. b. 4 Jan 1894. Iron Master
Occupation Iron Master
Death 10 Aug 1951 (age 65) Marton, Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Probate to Irene his widow save and except settled land. Probate for settled land to Charles Ellison and Harold Edward MILLS

Child 2: Charles Ellison MILLS

Name: Charles Ellison MILLS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary S STUART (1891-1985)
Birth 30 Jan 1889 Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Census 1891 (age 1-2) Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Hope Place, Newhall, Inveresk
Living with parents and brother
Census 1901 (age 11-12) Hordle Nr Lymington, Hampshire
Pupil - HMS Britannia
Census 1911 (age 21-22) Stokesley, Yorkshire
Tanton Hall
Described as son of John Gjers MILLS - head of family. No other family members.
Awards 2 Jun 1913 (age 24) Middlesborough
Certificate of Competence as First Mate
Census 1939 (age 49-50) Samford, Suffolk
The Croft, Holbrook
Living with wife Mary S
Death Sep 1974 (age 85) Ipswich, Suffolk

Child 3: Amy Harriett MILLS

Name: Amy Harriett MILLS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Alexander Kenneth Lyon HARVEY (1889-1981)
Birth 12 Jan 1892 Musselburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Baptism 7 May 1892 (age 0) Marton, Middlesborough, Yorkshire
Census 1901 (age 8-9) Stokesley, Yorkshire
Tanton Hall
Living with parents
Emigration 10 Feb 1920 (age 28) from England to St Johns, New brunswick, Canada
Travelling with her husband and twin sons
Residence 1923 (age 30-31) Nelson, Ontario, Cannada
R. R. 1
Living with husband
Census 1939 (age 46-47) Uckfield, Sussex
Living with husband. 3 more people on the record
Death Oct 1980 (age 88) Uckfield, Sussex

Child 4: Harold Edward MILLS

Name: Harold Edward MILLS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winifred Gladys MARKHAM (1895-1947)
Birth 27 Jan 1896 Stokesley, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 14-15) Marton, Middlesborough, Yorkshire
West Moor
Living with Uncle, Walter Herbert MILLS
Occupation Architect
Death Jul 1970 (age 74) Ipswich, Suffolk