Family of Frederick Walter BOORMAN and Mary Ann STROUD

Husband: Frederick Walter BOORMAN (1862- )
Wife: Mary Ann STROUD (1866- )
Children: Louisa Mary BOORMAN (1887-1968)
Sydney F BOORMAN (1889- )
Oliver F BOORMAN (1897- )
Edith H BOORMAN (1898- )
Dora A BOORMAN (1905- )
Elsie E BOORMAN (1906- )
Marriage Apr 1886 St George, Hanover Square

Husband: Frederick Walter BOORMAN

Name: Frederick Walter BOORMAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1862 Pimlico, London
Occupation Joiner.

Wife: Mary Ann STROUD

Name: Mary Ann STROUD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1866 Westminster, London

Child 1: Louisa Mary BOORMAN

Name: Louisa Mary BOORMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Frederick George Francis MOTT (1888-1948)
Birth Jul 1887 Wandsworth London
Residence Jun 1911 (age 23) Clapham, London
52 Manor Street
Census 1911 (age 23-24) Wandsworth London
52 Manor Street
Living with parents and siblings
Death Dec 1968 (age 81) Scarborough, Yorkshire

Child 2: Sydney F BOORMAN

Name: Sydney F BOORMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1889 Clapham, London

Child 3: Oliver F BOORMAN

Name: Oliver F BOORMAN
Sex: Male
Birth 1897 Clapham, London

Child 4: Edith H BOORMAN

Name: Edith H BOORMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1898 Clapham, London

Child 5: Dora A BOORMAN

Name: Dora A BOORMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1905 Clapham, London

Child 6: Elsie E BOORMAN

Name: Elsie E BOORMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1906 Clapham, London