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Family of Charles Edward GRUNSELL and Lilian May COWDRAY

Husband: Charles Edward GRUNSELL (1903-1964)
Wife: Lilian May COWDRAY (1897-1980)
Children: Noreen Alison GRUNSELL (1933-2012)
Marriage Jul 1932 Basingstoke Hampshire

Husband: Charles Edward GRUNSELL

Name: Charles Edward GRUNSELL
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Apr 1903 Romsey, Hampshire
Death Apr 1964 (age 60-61) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Wife: Lilian May COWDRAY

Name: Lilian May COWDRAY
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Edwin COWDRAY (1855-1943)
Mother: Sarah PRIOR (1860-1908)
Birth 9 Apr 1897 Whitchurch, Hampshire
Death Sep 1980 (age 83) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 1: Noreen Alison GRUNSELL


Spouse: Dudley BREWER, 1955, age 25

Name: Noreen Alison GRUNSELL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Dudley BREWER (1930-2011)
Birth 18 Jan 1933 Basingstoke Hampshire
Death 15 Jun 2012 (age 79) Isle of Wight, Hampshire