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Family of Alexander NAPIER and Margaret Esma Scott NAPIER

Husband: Alexander NAPIER ( - )
Wife: Margaret Esma Scott NAPIER (1921- )
Children: Charles NAPIER (1947- )
Marriage Jul 1946 Kensington, London

Husband: Alexander NAPIER

Name: Alexander NAPIER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Margaret Esma Scott NAPIER

Name: Margaret Esma Scott NAPIER
Sex: Female
Father: Arthur Francis Scott NAPIER (1890-1971)
Mother: Phyllis Grace FLEMING (1891-1978)
Birth Jan 1921 Lewisham, Kent
Travel 10 Dec 1946 (age 25) Bombay, India
She left Liverpool with husband Alexander on SS Georgic to Bombay. They arrived back on SS Strathmore on 27 Sep 1947. to reside at The old Court house, Yetminster, Nr Sherbourne Dorset

Child 1: Charles NAPIER

Name: Charles NAPIER
Sex: Male
Birth 1947 Bombay, India