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Family of John Briscoe BIRCH and Georgina Letitia WEATHRALL

Husband: John Briscoe BIRCH (1844-1900)
Wife: Georgina Letitia WEATHRALL (1844-1922)
Children: Kathleen Maude Briscoe BIRCH (1871- )
Alice Marion Briscoe BIRCH (1872- )
Nora Aileen Briscoe BIRCH (1874-1954)
George Eliot Briscoe BIRCH (1876- )
Evelyn Comyns BIRCH (1877- )
Violet May Briscoe BIRCH (1880- )
John Shadbroke Briscoe BIRCH (1881- )
Adrienne Jessica BIRCH (1883-1892)
Nellie Frances Briscoe BIRCH (1886-1955)
Meta May Maud Briscoe BIRCH (1888- )
Marriage 9 Sep 1869 Goya, Bengal, India

Husband: John Briscoe BIRCH

Name: John Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1844 Barnet, Middlesex
Occupation Asst Supt, Bengal Police
Death 10 Jun 1900 (age 55) Khios, ?Greece
At sea

Wife: Georgina Letitia WEATHRALL

Name: Georgina Letitia WEATHRALL
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Michael WEATHRALL (1824-1907)
Mother: Anne Amelia (WEATHRALL) ( - )
Birth 8 Aug 1844 Ishira, nr Calcutta, India
Death 5 Jun 1922 (age 77) Darjeeling, Bengal, India
Cause: Heart Failure
Address: Wiston House, Sonada
Applicant to Will - Katherine Maude Briscoe WINKLES & Peter Arthur WINKLES both of Rocks Cottage, Kurseong

Child 1: Kathleen Maude Briscoe BIRCH

Name: Kathleen Maude Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: George Francis MILLER (1856- )
Spouse 2: Peter Arthur WINKLERS (1861-1936)
Birth 5 Jan 1871 Midnapore, Bengal, India

Child 2: Alice Marion Briscoe BIRCH

Name: Alice Marion Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Allen ELLIOTT (1871- )
Birth 15 Jul 1872 Commillah, Bengal, India
Census 1939 (age 66-67) Camberley, Surrey
Harcourt Hotel, Frimley Road

Child 3: Nora Aileen Briscoe BIRCH

Name: Nora Aileen Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Bernard Robert CHATTERTON (1868- )
Birth 8 Feb 1874 Raneegunge, Bengal, India
Census 1939 (age 64-65) Aberystwyth, Wales
Victoria Terrace
Living with husband Bernard
Death Sep 1954 (age 80) Bedford, Bedfordshire

Child 4: George Eliot Briscoe BIRCH

Name: George Eliot Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eveline Mary WOODCOCK (1878- )
Birth 18 Jan 1876 Kishnagur, Bengal, India
Occupation Planter

Child 5: Evelyn Comyns BIRCH

Name: Evelyn Comyns BIRCH
Sex: Male
Birth 4 Nov 1877 Midnapore, Bengal, India

Child 6: Violet May Briscoe BIRCH

Name: Violet May Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Apr 1880 Dinapore, Bengal, India

Child 7: John Shadbroke Briscoe BIRCH

Name: John Shadbroke Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Male
Birth 14 Oct 1881 Bancoora, Bengal, India

Child 8: Adrienne Jessica BIRCH

Name: Adrienne Jessica BIRCH
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Apr 1883 Arrah, Bengal, India
Death 26 Sep 1892 (age 9) Bankipore, Bangal, India
Cause: Typhoid Fever

Child 9: Nellie Frances Briscoe BIRCH

Name: Nellie Frances Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Feb 1886 Arrah, Bengal, India
Death Apr 1955 (age 69) Basingstoke Hampshire

Child 10: Meta May Maud Briscoe BIRCH

Name: Meta May Maud Briscoe BIRCH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur Purling MIDDLETON (1885- )
Birth 2 Mar 1888 Darjeeling, Bengal, India