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Family of George MORGAN and Claire Loftus WEATHERALL

Husband: George MORGAN (1867-1957)
Wife: Claire Loftus WEATHERALL (1881-1960)
Children: David Loftus MORGAN (1904-1976)
Elizabeth Mary MORGAN (1909-1998)
Marriage 8 Jan 1901 Dacca, Bengal, India

Husband: George MORGAN

Name: George MORGAN
Sex: Male
Father: Alexander Gibson MORGAN (1817-1902)
Mother: Ellen Russell LANDALE (1831-1902)
Birth 1 Oct 1867 Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Occupation Produce Broker
Death 1957 (age 89-90) Kalimpang, Bengal, India

Wife: Claire Loftus WEATHERALL

Name: Claire Loftus WEATHERALL
Sex: Female
Father: Henry Loftus WEATHERALL (1847-1915)
Mother: Clara BATCHELOR (1858-1946)
Birth 29 Oct 1881 Dacca, Bengal, India
Census 1911 (age 29-30) Barnstaple, Devon
The Firs
Living with parents
Travel 22 Jun 1916 (age 34) Bombay, India
Travelled on SS Moultan with husband George and Dorothy Loftus Weatherall her sister
Death 27 Sep 1960 (age 78) Singamari, Kalinpong, Bengal, India
Singamari Kalimpong, West Bengal
Widow. Died at Darjeeling Nursing Home

Child 1: David Loftus MORGAN

Name: David Loftus MORGAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Phyllis Douglas RUSSELL (1902- )
Birth 21 Nov 1904 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Census 1911 (age 6-7) Barnstaple, Devon
The Firs
Living with Mother and sister at home of grandparents
Travel 12 Mar 1933 (age 28) Beira, Mozambique
Arrived London with his wife on SS Montana to 3 Rostrover Mansions, St Helens Parade, Southsea, Hampshire
Travel 17 Oct 1936 (age 31) Beira, Mozambique
Travelled on SS MALNA from London with wife and daughter from The Avenue, Filey, Yorkshire to East Africa. Described as Officer in Colonial Service
Occupation btw 1951 and 1956 (age 46-52) Resident Commissioner, Swaziland
Death 1976 (age 71-72)

Child 2: Elizabeth Mary MORGAN

Name: Elizabeth Mary MORGAN
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Maurice M BOND ( - )
Spouse 2: Thomas V MULLIS ( - )
Birth 14 Jan 1909 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Baptised 6th March 1909 in St Pauls Cathedral
Census 1911 (age 1-2) Barnstaple, Devon
The Firs
Living with Mother and brother at home of grandparents
Census 1939 (age 29-30) Chelmsford, Essex
Gunfields, Fryening Lane
Married. Living with chidren - 3 redacted names
Immigration 18 Nov 1946 (age 37) to Chelsea, london from Port Said, Egypt
27 Mulberry Close, Beaufort Street
Travelled with son Jeremy on SS Durban Castle arriving at Southampton
Death 28 Apr 1998 (age 89) Saxmundham, Suffolk
Chantry House