Family of Amédée François Marie DE SELINCOURT and Adriana ARUNDEL

Husband: Amédée François Marie DE SELINCOURT (1807-1856)
Wife: Adriana ARUNDEL (1809-1884)
Children: Charles Alexandre DE SELINCOURT (1835-1900)
Status: Unmarried Couple

Husband: Amédée François Marie DE SELINCOURT

Name: Amédée François Marie DE SELINCOURT
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Mar 1807 Paris, FRANCE
Death 25 Feb 1856 (age 48) Batignolles-Monceaux, France
The death registration in French states that he was a "celibitaire" i.e; single

Wife: Adriana ARUNDEL

Name: Adriana ARUNDEL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 23 Jul 1809 Chelsea, London
Death 13 Nov 1884 (age 75) Kensington, London

Child 1: Charles Alexandre DE SELINCOURT

Name: Charles Alexandre DE SELINCOURT
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sarah Ann AYLEN (1833-1861)
Spouse 2: Theodora Bruce BENDALL (1842-1913)
Birth 7 Nov 1835 Paris, France
rue Navarin 8
Father not declared. Mother without profession
Occupation Cloth & Silk Merchant
Death 24 Nov 1900 (age 65) East Preston, Sussex
Rustington Hall

Note on Husband: Amédée François Marie DE SELINCOURT

There is no record of a marriage between Amédée and Adriana

Note on Wife: Adriana ARUNDEL

Adriana Arundel was working in Paris with a leading French fashion house. She was put in the family way by Amédée in 1835 when Charles was born. On Amédée's death Adriana and Charles returned to England where she continued to make dresses. Selicourt was founded in 1857 starting with dressmaking by Adriana. When she died in 1884 she was described as the widow of Amédée and when he died he was described as a batchelor. He held a post at the Court of Louis Phillipe and did not marry Adriana as no de Selincourt married a commoner.

Information supplied by Derek de Selincourt.