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Family of Aubrey DE SELINCOURT and Irene Rutherford MCCLEOD

Husband: Aubrey DE SELINCOURT (1894-1962)
Wife: Irene Rutherford MCCLEOD (1891-1968)
Children: Antoinette DE SELINCOURT (1921-1998)
Lesley Elizabeth DE SELINCOURT (1925- )
Marriage 6 Jul 1919 Ebony, Kent

Husband: Aubrey DE SELINCOURT

Sex: Male
Father: Martin Robert DE SELINCOURT (1864-1950)
Mother: Mabel SPEED (1864-1932)
Birth 7 Jun 1894 Wandsworth London
Occupation Schoolmaster & Author
Death 20 Dec 1962 (age 68) Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Nutkins Nitor, Ventnor
Probate to Irene value 4072 pounds

Wife: Irene Rutherford MCCLEOD

Name: Irene Rutherford MCCLEOD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1891 Croydon, Surrey
Death Dec 1968 (age 77) Poole, Dorset

Child 1: Antoinette DE SELINCOURT

Name: Antoinette DE SELINCOURT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Anthony Hastings BRACKENBURY ( - )
Birth 1921 Isle of Wight, Hampshire
Death 22 Dec 1998 (age 76-77) Dorchester, Dorset

Child 2: Lesley Elizabeth DE SELINCOURT

Name: Lesley Elizabeth DE SELINCOURT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Christopher Robin MILNE (1920-1996)
Birth 1925 Oxford, Oxfordshire