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Family of Horace LLOYD and Adelaide Barbara ATKINSON

Husband: Horace LLOYD (1828-1874)
Wife: Adelaide Barbara ATKINSON (1838-1921)
Children: Otho Holland LLOYD (1856-1943)
Constance Mary LLOYD (1858-1898)
Marriage 28 Aug 1855 St Peters, City of Dublin Ireland

Husband: Horace LLOYD


Horace LLOYD, 1864, age 36

Name: Horace LLOYD
Sex: Male
Father: John Horatio LLOYD (1798-1884)
Mother: Caroline WATSON (1802-1875)
Birth 16 Aug 1828 Chester, Cheshire
The Mount, Boughton
Baptism 10 Nov 1828 (age 0) Liverpool
Parish of St Nicholas
Parents living at Charlotte Street, Bloomsbury London
Census 1841 (age 12) Mary le Bone, Middlesex
15 Park Place
Census 1851 (age 22) Mary le Bone, Middlesex
15 Park Place
BA University of Cambridge
Census 1861 (age 32) Biggleswade, Herts
Stratton Street
Barrister in Law in Practice. Visitors to the house of Thomas J Hooper, Registrar to County Court. With his wife Adelaide.
Census 1871 (age 43) Kensington, London
42 Sussex Gardens
Queens Counsel.
Occupation Legal Profession - Barrister at Law
Death 30 Mar 1874 (age 45) Kensington, London
42 Sussex Gardens
Probate 8 May 1874 Hyde Park, Middlesex
42 Sussex Gardens
Proved by Horatio Lloyd of 1 Kings Bench Walk. Effects under 12000 pounds

Wife: Adelaide Barbara ATKINSON

Name: Adelaide Barbara ATKINSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 Dublin Ireland
Census 1861 (age 32) Biggleswade, Herts
Stratton Street
Census 1871 (age 35) Kensington, London
42 Sussex Gardens
Census 1881 (age 42-43) Paddington, London
1 Devonshire Terrace
Living with husband George Swinburn King and his daughter Eliza M
Death 21 Dec 1921 (age 82-83) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
13 Bryanston Street
Probate to Otto Holland LLOYD - 8000 pounds

Child 1: Otho Holland LLOYD

Name: Otho Holland LLOYD
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Hélene (Nellie) Clara St Clair HUTCHINSON (1863-1934)
Spouse 2: Mary Edna WINTER (1869-1957)
Birth 10 Nov 1856 Marylebone, Middlesex
3 Harewood Square
Baptism 1 Jan 1857 (age 0) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
Christ Church
Occupation Legal Profession - Barrister at Law
Census 1861 (age 4) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
3 Harewood Square
Mother and Father were visiting friends in Bigglewade, Herts.

4 servants in house.
Census 1871 (age 14) Clifton, Bristol
Headmasters House, Clifton College
Census 1881 (age 24) Chelsea, london
107 Walton Street
Insurance Clerk. Not 100% sure on this as census says Oliver H
Re-marriage 24 Sep 1889 (age 32) Camden Middlesex
105 Charlotte Street
Otto descibed as Widower. Mary Edna WINTER aged 20 of The Lindens, Watford. Unable to find any details of his first marriage

Census 1891 (age 34) Watford Herts
The Lindens
Student at Law. Living with wife Mary E and children Eva and Eugene
Education "17 Oct &_è-" (age 19) Oriel College, Oxford
Scholar 1876-1880. B.A. 1883. Student at Middle Temple 1878
Residence 1895 (age 38-39) Bevaix, Switzerland
La Maison Benguerel
Census 1901 (age 44) Parkstone, Dorset
Ferndene, Poole Road
Death Jan 1943 (age 86) Bournemouth 2b 1145

Child 2: Constance Mary LLOYD

Name: Constance Mary LLOYD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Oscar Fingal O'Flacherie WILDE (1854-1900)
Birth 2 Jan 1858 Marylebone, Middlessex
3 Harewood, Square
Baptism 9 Jun 1858 (age 0) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
Christ Church.
Census 1861 (age 3) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
3 Harewood Square
Parents do not appear to be on census and are declared as absent
Census 1871 (age 12-13) Paddington, Middlessex
42 Sussex Gardens
Living with parents
Census 1881 (age 22-23) Torquay, Devon
Belgrave Hotel, Belgrave Road
Staying in hotel with her Grandfather John Horatio Lloyd, Aunt Emily and cousin Julius NAPIER
Census 1891 (age 33) Torquay, Devon
Torr Mount, Barton Road
Visiting with Nicholas and Louisa S Harvey and their daughter Evelyn I: Louisa was born in Dublin and Nicholas in Paddington, London - living on their own means.
Benficiary of Will 1892 (age 33-34) London
Constance received 3000 pounds from the Will of her Aunt Emily
Benficiary of Will 1893 (age 34-35) London
Constance was left 5500 pounds in the,Will of her Aunt Carrie (Caroline) Kirkes who died in Tokyo, Japan.
Residence 1895 (age 37) Geneva, Switzerland
Oscar had been arrested and imprisoned for two years for his homosexuality. She changed her name and that of her children to Holland
Death 7 Apr 1898 (age 39) Genoa
Cause: Died following an operation to cure a crippling spinal problem that went wrong