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Family of Robert MADDISON and Mary KAY

Husband: Robert MADDISON (1849-1886)
Wife: Mary KAY (1852-1925)
Children: Ada MADDISON (1873-1935)
Alfred MADDISON (1875- )
Amelia MADDISON (1876- )
Betsy MADDISON (1877- )
Helena MADDISON (1879- )
Arthur MADDISON (1881- )
Marriage 6 Mar 1871 St Mary, St Denis & St George, Manchester, England

Husband: Robert MADDISON

Name: Robert MADDISON
Sex: Male
Father: Thomas MADDISON (1816-1889)
Mother: Elizabeth HARRISON (1816- )
Birth Apr 1849 Newton Heath, Lancashire
Occupation Floor Cloth Painter
Census 1881 (age 31-32) Newton, Lancashire
17 Brown Street
Living with wife Mary and children
Death Jul 1886 (age 37) Camberwell, London

Wife: Mary KAY

Name: Mary KAY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1852 Hulme, Lancashire
Death Apr 1925 (age 72-73) Chelsea, london

Child 1: Ada MADDISON

Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Collebus BYFORD (1872-1926)
Birth Apr 1873 Manchester, England
Census 1881 (age 7-8) Newton, Lancashire
17 Brown Street
Living with parents and siblings
Census 1891 (age 17-18) Willesden, Middlesex
2 Vicarage Villas
General servant in the home of Francis and Betty PARRY-TUNKS
Death Oct 1935 (age 62) Croydon, Surrey
Baptism 7 Sep 1973 (age 100) Manchester, Lancashire
Albert Memorial Church
Resident 59 Dickens Street

Child 2: Alfred MADDISON

Name: Alfred MADDISON
Sex: Male
Birth 1875 Salford, Lancashire

Child 3: Amelia MADDISON

Name: Amelia MADDISON
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1876 Salford, Lancashire
Census 1891 (age 14-15) Camberwell, London
15 Mundania Street
Domestic servant in the home of Thomas and Jane HULL - Law Stationer
Census 1901 (age 24-25) Kensington, London
14 Nevern Square
Domestic Cook in home of Harold and Lucy PEMBROKE - Ship Store and Export Merchant

Child 4: Betsy MADDISON

Name: Betsy MADDISON
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1877 Salford, Lancashire
Census 1891 (age 13-14) Westminster, London
4b Peabody Building
Living with widowed Mother and brother Alfred and sister Helena
Census 1901 (age 23-24) Westminster, London
83 St Georges Road
Housemaid in the home of William and Francis BALLEN - Clergyman

Child 5: Helena MADDISON

Name: Helena MADDISON
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 Salford, Lancashire

Child 6: Arthur MADDISON

Name: Arthur MADDISON
Sex: Male
Birth 1881 Newton, Lancashire