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Family of Herbert John COLES and Alice Kate FOXWELL

Husband: Herbert John COLES (1870-1931)
Wife: Alice Kate FOXWELL (1869-1950)
Children: Roy Herbert COLES (1896-1971)
Clement John COLES (1898-1977)
Ida Emily COLES (1901-1983)
Marriage 25 Feb 1896 Shepton Mallett, Somersetshire

Husband: Herbert John COLES

Name: Herbert John COLES
Sex: Male
Father: Zebedee John COLES (1843- )
Mother: Emily WILLIAMS (1842- )
Birth Apr 1870 Coleford, Kilmersdon
Occupation Grocer & Sub-postmaster
Death 14 Feb 1931 (age 60) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A record exists of the death of a passenger on SS Ceramic named H J COLES. No other records seem to exist for Herberts death

Wife: Alice Kate FOXWELL

Name: Alice Kate FOXWELL
Sex: Female
Father: Albert FOXWELL (1845-1908)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann HIGGINS (1843-1927)
Birth 27 Jul 1869 Coleford, Kilmersdon
Census 1881 (age 11-12) Kilmersdon, Somerset
Living with parents
Census 1891 (age 21) Cardiff, Wales
54 Plantagent Street
Visitor with Florence Annie in home of Richard and Emily Steward
Census 1901 (age 31-32) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
51 Kelver Street
Living with husband and children
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
51 & 52 Kelver Street
Living with husband and children
Residence 1923 (age 53-54) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
52 Kilvers Street
Travel 24 May 1923 (age 53) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
444 14th Avenue, Rosemont
Travelled on SS Minnesota to visit son Roy. Returned on same ship to Southampton on 9th August 1923
Residence 1932 (age 62-63) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Was living in Montrea with husband Herbert at the time of her daughters marriage to Horace DIGGINS
Death 26 Jan 1950 (age 80) Niagara, Ontario, Canada

Child 1: Roy Herbert COLES

Name: Roy Herbert COLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorothy ANDERSON (1903- )
Birth 14 Dec 1896 Shepton Mallett, Somerset
52 Kilver Street
Occupation Railwayman/ Instrument Maker
Census 1911 (age 14-15) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
51 & 52 Kelver Street
Living with parents
Conscription 11 Dec 1915 (age 18)
Called up for in 9th Devon regiment
Emigration 10 Feb 1920 (age 23) from Shepton Mallett, Somerset to Deloraine, Canada
51 Kelver Street
Destined to his employer Mr A PRATT. Sailed on Empress of France arriving March 1920. Intended occupation as a railwayman
Residence 1923 (age 26-27) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
444 Fourth Avenue, Rosemount
Travel 18 Nov 1935 (age 38) West Croydon
22 Derby Road
Sailed from Montreal on SS Alaunia to London
Census 1939 (age 42-43) Greenford Middlesex
681 Whitton Avenue
Living with wife Dorothy. 2 redacted entries
Travel 13 Jul 1949 (age 52) Greenford Middlesex
681 Whitton Avenue
Arrived Southampton on 13 Jul 1949 on SS Acquitania from Halifax Nova Scotia with wife Dorothy
Residence btw 1963 and 1968 (age 66-72) Canning, Western Australia
8 Doradel Avenue, Kelmscott
Living with wife Dorothy.
Death 1971 (age 74-75) Canning, Western Australia

Child 2: Clement John COLES

Name: Clement John COLES
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary RUSSELL ( - )
Birth 4 Nov 1898 Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Kilver Street
Service Record 11 Dec 1915 (age 17) Taunton, Somerset
Attested into Devon Regt. Mobilzed 18 Jul1916. Served as a Sapper.
Discharged for remobilization on 8 Oct 1919.Final discharge on 31 Mar 1921
Conscription 18 Jul 1916 (age 17) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Conscripted into 9th Devon Regt. Very poor disciplinary record with several times being absent without leave in 1917 and 1918. Discharged in Jan 1919. Full list of documents can be found on FMP
Emigration 14 Feb 1920 (age 21) from Shepton Mallett, Somerset to Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Sailed from England on SS Saxonia arriving in Halifax
Occupation Carpenter
Travel 1923 (age 24-25) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
444, 4th Avenue, Rosemont
Returned back to Canada on SS Antonia from a holiday in the UK visiting his father in Shepton Mallet
Baptism 1926 (age 27-28) Montreal, Quebec, Canada
St Dominics
Difficult to read script but appears to have been baptized into the Catholic Faith. Information found in Ancestry Canada Files
Residence 15 May 1927 (age 28) Ontario, Canada
522, Augustus Street, Cornwall
Applied for copy of certificate of discharge from Army to the War Office.
Death 15 Feb 1977 (age 78) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Child 3: Ida Emily COLES

Name: Ida Emily COLES
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Theodore John SERDUKE (1878-1928)
Spouse 2: Horace Edward DIGGINS (1893-1969)
Birth Jan 1901 Shepton Mallett, Somerset
Baptism 9 Jun 1901 (age 0) Stratton on Fosse, Somerset
Census 1911 (age 9-10) Shepton Mallett, Somerset
51 & 52 Kelver Street
Living with parents
Emigration 14 Sep 1928 (age 27) from Shepton Mallett, Somerset to Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Travelled with son Theodore SERDUKE on SS Empress of France destined to stay with her brother A Herbert COLES of 10478 Georgian Boulevard, Montreal
Census 1939 (age 37-38) Frome, Somerset
Hurst, Spring Gardens
Living with husband William and children Ronald Edward and Julia
Death 1983 (age 81-82) Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Note on Husband: Herbert John COLES

Was in Gloucester Regiment (joined when 42 years old) during 1914-1918 war.