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Family of Joshua FITCH and Sarah Powell WHITE

Husband: Joshua FITCH (1844-1889)
Wife: Sarah Powell WHITE (1843-1917)
Children: Edward John FITCH (1869-1948)
Walter George FITCH (1871-1921)
Alice Kate FITCH (1873-1952)
Frances Marian FITCH (1874-1921)
Arthur Llewellyn FITCH (1876-1948)
Mabel Julia FITCH (1878-1920)
William Hemmingway FITCH (1879-1938)
Frederick Joshua FITCH (1884-1948)
Marriage Jan 1869 Carmarthen, Wales

Husband: Joshua FITCH

Name: Joshua FITCH
Sex: Male
Father: Edward FITCH (1816- )
Mother: Harriet PHILIPPS (1821- )
Birth Jan 1844 Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
Occupation Genral Merchant employing 26 men and women
Death Apr 1889 (age 45) Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

Wife: Sarah Powell WHITE

Name: Sarah Powell WHITE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 1843 Carmarthen, Wales
Death Apr 1917 (age 74) Reading, Berkshire

Child 1: Edward John FITCH

Name: Edward John FITCH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Edith Minnie HILL (1869- )
Birth Oct 1869 Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Occupation Gas Meter Collector
Death 31 Mar 1948 (age 78) Langdon Hills, Essex

Child 2: Walter George FITCH

Name: Walter George FITCH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emily Rosa Lavinia NEWLANDS (1872-1919)
Birth Apr 1871 Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire
Occupation Draper & Grocer
Death Oct 1921 (age 50) Hartley Wintney, Hampshire

Child 3: Alice Kate FITCH

Name: Alice Kate FITCH
Sex: Female
Spouse: William Joseph HOLT (1860-1931)
Birth Jan 1873 Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Census 1911 (age 37-38) Chipping Barnet, Hertfordshire
Fairholme, Manor Road
Living with husband William and children - Douglas, Vita, Edward and Victor
Death Jan 1952 (age 78-79) Barnet, Hertfordshire

Child 4: Frances Marian FITCH

Name: Frances Marian FITCH
Sex: Female
Spouse: Leonard James HORNE (1869- )
Birth Jul 1874 Hanslope, Buckinghamshire
Death Apr 1921 (age 46) Midhurst, Sussex

Child 5: Arthur Llewellyn FITCH

Name: Arthur Llewellyn FITCH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Beatrice Jane BARKER (1880-1948)
Birth Oct 1876 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Occupation House Agent AAssistant
Death Apr 1948 (age 71) Fulham, London

Child 6: Mabel Julia FITCH

Name: Mabel Julia FITCH
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1878 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Death Apr 1920 (age 42) Barnet, Middlesex

Child 7: William Hemmingway FITCH

Name: William Hemmingway FITCH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marianne BIRKETT (1879- )
Birth Apr 1879 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Occupation Draper Assistant, Stockkeeper
Emigration Jun 1911 (age 32) to Quebec, Canada
Travel 22 Oct 1920 (age 41) Quebec, Canada
Returned home from visit to England in Apr 1919
Death Jul 1938 (age 59) Surrey South Eastern

Child 8: Frederick Joshua FITCH

Name: Frederick Joshua FITCH
Sex: Male
Birth Oct 1884 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire
Occupation Bank Clerk
Death Jan 1948 (age 63) Surrey South Western