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Family of Peter Anthony REINA and Sarah HOCK

Husband: Peter Anthony REINA (1725-1806)
Wife: Sarah HOCK (1726-1793)
Children: Sarah REINA (1750- )
Joseph REINA (1756- )
John Peter REINA (1761-1833)

Husband: Peter Anthony REINA

Name: Peter Anthony REINA
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph REINA ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 22 Feb 1725 Milan. Italy
Occupation Hosier
Bankruptcy Oct 1769 (age 44) Westminster, London
Long Acre
Death 3 May 1806 (age 81) Westminster, London

Wife: Sarah HOCK

Name: Sarah HOCK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1726
Death 20 Mar 1793 (age 66-67)

Child 1: Sarah REINA

Name: Sarah REINA
Sex: Female
Birth 26 Jan 1750 Grays Inn, London

Child 2: Joseph REINA

Name: Joseph REINA
Sex: Male
Birth 2 Feb 1756 Westminster, London

Child 3: John Peter REINA


John Peter REINA, 1733, age -27

Name: John Peter REINA
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mary S NOCK (1763-1823)
Birth 2 May 1761 Westminster, London
Baptism 16 May 1761 (age 0) Westminster, London
Residence 1804 (age 42-43) Westminster, London
Great Newport Street, St Annes
Residence 17 Mar 1820 (age 58) Westminster, London
Great Newport Street, St Annes
Poll register opened on this date
Occupation Mariner
Death 9 Oct 1833 (age 72) Southwark. London
West Square
Proabte to his daughter Mary Sarah

Note on Husband: Peter Anthony REINA

6 Oct 1800 he took on Mary Ann DUNCOMBE as an apprentice


13 October 1800 he took on Margaret HUDSON as an apprentice Dressmaker at his premises in Great Newport Street


23 Nov 1805 he took on Eleanor SIGREY as an apprentice Dressmaker. At the same time Mary REINA took on Elizabeth SAVAGE and Mary Ann CALLAGHAN as apprentice Dressmakers . All at Great Newport Street