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Family of Henry WILCOX and Monica Joan PARKER

Husband: Henry WILCOX ( - )
Wife: Monica Joan PARKER
Children: Michael WILCOX
Elizabeth WILCOX
Geoffrey WILCOX
Stephen WILCOX

Husband: Henry WILCOX

Name: Henry WILCOX
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Monica Joan PARKER

Name: Monica Joan PARKER
Sex: Female
Father: Donald Brewster PARKER (1903-1975)
Mother: Margaret Emma Newlands FITCH (1908-1982)

Child 1: Michael WILCOX

Name: Michael WILCOX
Sex: Male

Child 2: Elizabeth WILCOX

Name: Elizabeth WILCOX
Sex: Female

Child 3: Geoffrey WILCOX

Name: Geoffrey WILCOX
Sex: Male

Child 4: Susan WILCOX

Name: Susan WILCOX
Sex: Female

Child 5: Stephen WILCOX

Name: Stephen WILCOX
Sex: Male