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Family of Charles Sidney Fitzroy LLOYD and Rose Ethel HANISCH

Husband: Charles Sidney Fitzroy LLOYD (1875-c. 1950)
Wife: Rose Ethel HANISCH (1873-1976)
Children: Lorna Patricia LLOYD (1912-2010)
Marriage 1 Feb 1902 Shanghai, China

Husband: Charles Sidney Fitzroy LLOYD


Charles Sidney Fitzroy LLOYD, 1902, age 27

Name: Charles Sidney Fitzroy LLOYD
Sex: Male
Father: Felix Fitzroy Kelly LLOYD (1840-1909)
Mother: Alice Jane SMITH (1841-1926)
Birth 11 Nov 1875 Pittenweem, Fifeshire
Census 1881 (age 5) Pittenweim, Fifeshire
Cove Wynd, The Priory
Travel 31 Mar 1919 (age 43) Vancouver, British Columbia
Travelled from Hong Kong with family - wife Rose and daughter Lorna on SS Empress of Russia to Vancouver where they were "in transit". They then travelled on SS Scotian from St Johns New Brunswick to Liverpool arriving on the 19 April 1919
Travel 19 Apr 1919 (age 43) St Johns Newfoundland to Liverpool
Arrived in Liverpool on board SS SCOTIAN travelling with wife Rose and daughter Lorna to residence of Sir Horatio LLOYD in Chester
Travel 20 Aug 1919 (age 43) Shanghai, China
Travelled alone on SS Peleus from Liverpool to Shanghai
Travel 17 Oct 1925 (age 49) Shanghai, China
Left Southampton on SS City of Cairo for Shanghai. Last residence in UK Public Schools Club, 61 Curzon Street, London W1. Travelling alone
Retirement Jul 1928 (age 52) Shanghai, China
A Chinese white metal rectangular plate was presented to Charles by the Chinese staff of Shanghai Lighthouse Service of the Chinese Maritime Customs on his retirement after 28 years of service.
Occupation Inspector of Lighthouses
Immigration 25 Aug 1928 (age 52) to Seattle, Washington, USA from Shanghai, China
Travelled alone from Shanghai on SS Shidzuoka Maru with an Immigration Visa dated 2 Aug 1928. Arriving in Seattle on 25 Aug 1928
Census 1939 (age 63-64) Paddington, London
75 Sussex Gardens
Living with wife Helen and John A McCONCHIE, a tennis coach in France for 20 years b. 19 oct 1894
Death c. 1950 (age 74-75)

Wife: Rose Ethel HANISCH

Name: Rose Ethel HANISCH
Sex: Female
Father: Frederick Otto HANISCH ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 4 Jul 1873 Shanghai, China
It appears that she returned from Shanghai on the City of Harvard together with her daughter Lora arriving in London on 28 May 1924
Travel 5 Oct 1920 (age 47) Shanghai, China
Sailed from London on SS IYO MARU with daughter Lorna to Shanghai
Immigration 28 May 1924 (age 50) to London from Shanghai
c/o Westminster Bank
Travelling with daughter Lorna Fitzroy on SS City of Harvard
Emigration 26 May 1926 (age 52) from London to Shanghai
8 Leinster Square
Travelling with daughter Lorna
Immigration 18 Oct 1950 (age 77) to London from Hong Kong
c/o Westminster Bank, Threadneedle Street
Arrived on SS Glengarry. Travelling alone.
Death 4 Jul 1976 (age 103) Hindhead, Surrey
Cause: Senility
Address: Mount Alumnia, Bramshott Lane
Known as Ethel Fitzroy according to Probate Calendar. Estate Value £24096 Informant at time of death was Ronald Lindsay STEWART, son in law. Usual address Fernden Cottage, Fernden Lane, Haslemere, Surrey

Child 1: Lorna Patricia LLOYD

Name: Lorna Patricia LLOYD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Ronald Lindsay STEWART (1903-1994)
Birth 2 Feb 1912 Shanghai, China
Whangpoo Road
Home of her Grandmother
Travel 5 Oct 1920 (age 8) London to Shanghai
Travelled on SS Iyo Mann with her Mother
Travel 22 May 1926 (age 14) London to Shanghai
Travelling on SS SUWA MARU with her Mother from 8 Leinster Square, London W1
Immigration 17 Dec 1936 (age 24) to Southampton from Yokohama, Japan
Travel 17 Dec 1936 (age 24) Yokohama to Southampton
Travelled on SS GNEISENAU with husband Ronald. Address in UK Union Insurance Society. of Canton, Union Building, Cornhill
Emigration 12 Jun 1937 (age 25) from Southampton to Singapore to Singapore
Travelling on SS Potsdam with husband Ronald. Last address in UK was INGDON, Holden Avenue Teignmouth
Travel 19 Feb 1949 (age 37) Southampton
Arrived on SS Oranje from Jakarta Indonesia with husband Ronald and daughters Adrianne and Barbara
Travel 3 Jun 1949 (age 37) Southampton to Hong Kong
Travelling with daughters Adrienne and Barbara - permanent residence in Hong Kong
Immigration 1 Sep 1951 (age 39) to London from Hong Kong, China
Travelled on ship SS Canton arriving London on 1 Sep 1951. Address in UK was Ingdon, Haldon Avenue, Teignmouth, Devon.Travelling with husband Ronald and three children.
Residence btw 2002 and 2005 (age 89-93) Haslemere, Surrey
Farthings, The Ridgeway
Electoral Register
Death 26 Sep 2010 (age 98) Haslemere, Surrey

Note on Husband: Charles Sidney Fitzroy LLOYD

Charles Sydney was shown on Canadian Passenger List of Empress of Russia arriving from Hong Kong to Vancouver, British Columbia with his Wife and Daughter on 31st March 1919. They then sailed from St John, New Brunswick on the SS Scotian to Liverpool arriving 19 April 1919 and going on to the home of Sir Horatio Lloyd in Chester. Also on board was Walter Ernest Lloyd born abt 1888 going on to 14 Headstone Drive, Harrow - probably no relation. He left the UK alone on 20 Aug 1919 departing from Liverpool on the SS Peleus back to Shanghai. His wife and daughter left London on the 5 October 1920 aboard SS Iyo Maru bound for Shanghai.


We then find him travelling alone on the Shidzuoka Maru departing Shanghai on 11 Aug 1928 after retiring from his service in Shanghai arriving at Seattle Washington on 25 Aug 1928.


20 Jan 1910 - a report in the East Fife record stated that he had been appointed Commodore of the Shanghai Yacht Club from 1911-1912. A reference can be found regarding his work in Shanghai and his involvement with the Shanghai Yacht Club - - which describes a boat that he owned whilst stationed there with the Chinese Imperial Maratime Customs. THis article also reports that he died around 1941 in the UK but this has not been verified and is unlikely as my wife, his niece met him around 1950.


The Old Shanghai A-Z details Lloyd Road - a short road and home to the Thai Shan Brick and Tile Company named after Charles Sidney, a senior official at the Chinese Imperial Maritime Customs.