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Family of George Stanley WOOD and Martha Pickering ALLIOTT

Husband: George Stanley WOOD (1840-1915)
Wife: Martha Pickering ALLIOTT (1840-1871)
Children: George Arnold WOOD (1865-1928)
Mary Lilian WOOD (1869- )
Marriage Jul 1864 Bedford, Bedfordshire

Husband: George Stanley WOOD

Name: George Stanley WOOD
Sex: Male
Father: George WOOD (1803-1876)
Mother: Rebecca Dove CULVERWELL (1814-1899)
Birth Oct 1840 Salford, Lancashire
Census 1871 (age 30-31) Salford, Lancashire
The Grange.
Living with his children at the home of his parents
Census 1881 (age 40-41) Altrincham, Cheshire
Earlsleigh, Dunham-Massey
Living with wife Lizzie and children George A, Marrion Lilian, Martin Stanley and Norman Stanley
Census 1911 (age 70-71) Cheadle, Lancashire
Living with wife Lizzie and daughter Mary
Occupation Cotton Manager and Spinner
Death Apr 1915 (age 74) Stockport, Lancashire

Wife: Martha Pickering ALLIOTT

Name: Martha Pickering ALLIOTT
Sex: Female
Father: William ALLIOTT (1807-1867)
Mother: Martha PICKERING (1808-1876)
Birth Oct 1840 Bedford, Bedfordshire
Death Jan 1871 (age 30) Altrincham, Cheshire

Child 1: George Arnold WOOD

Name: George Arnold WOOD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eleanor Madelaine WHITFIELD ( - )
Birth Jul 1865 Salford, Lancashire
Birth 1866 Salford, Lancashire
Census 1871 (age 5-6) Salford, Lancashire
The Grange.
Living with Father in home of his Grandfather George WOOD
Census 1881 (age 15-16) Altrincham, Cheshire
Earlseigh, Dunham-Massey
Living with his Father and stepmother
Education 1885 (age 19-20) -; Balliol College, Oxford
Professor of Modern History at Sydney University Australia
Occupation Professor of Modern History
Death 14 Oct 1928 (age 63) Gordon, New South Wales, Australia
Cause: Strangulation - Coroners Inquest
probate to Eleanor, Madelaine his wife and Frederick Lloyd Whitfield WOOD and Alfred Chatfield HOBBS, Solicitor

Child 2: Mary Lilian WOOD

Name: Mary Lilian WOOD
Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1869 Altrincham, Cheshire
Census 1881 (age 11-12) Altrincham, Cheshire
Earlsleigh, Dunham-Massey
Living with Father and stepmother
Census 1891 (age 21-22) Southport, Lancashire
8 Manchester Road
Patient at clinic of Martha STEVENSON - Masseuse Electrician & Chiropodist
Census 1911 (age 41-42) Stockport Etchells, Lancashire
Laurieston, 85 Gatley Road
Living with Father and stepmother LIZZIE
Travel 30 Jun 1921 (age 52) Liverpool to New York
Travelled on SS CARMANIA from Brother Martin D Wood in Cheadle Cheshire to Englewood

Note on Husband: George Stanley WOOD

Mother was Elizabeth BOWKER