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Family of Nigel Fitzroy LLOYD and Elizabeth Agnes Waddell RICHMOND

Husband: Nigel Fitzroy LLOYD (1881-1966)
Wife: Elizabeth Agnes Waddell RICHMOND (1885-1935)
Children: Alice Gwynnedd LLOYD (1908-2008)
Marjory Winifred LLOYD (1909-2002)
Edward R F LLOYD (1914- )
Marriage 30 Jun 1906 Glasgow, Scotland

Husband: Nigel Fitzroy LLOYD

Name: Nigel Fitzroy LLOYD
Sex: Male
Father: Felix Fitzroy Kelly LLOYD (1840-1909)
Mother: Alice Jane SMITH (1841-1926)
Birth 7 Feb 1881 Pittenweem, Fifeshire
Occupation Medical Practitioner
Census 1881 (age 2 mns) Pittenweim, Fifeshire
Nigel is not recorded in the 1881 census although he was born on 8th February 1881. Family history indicates that he was probably in hospital. He was the twin of Albert and is known to have been sickly after birth.
Census 1891 (age 10) Pittenweim, Fifeshire
The Priory
Census 1901 (age 20) Edinburgh, Scotland
13 Glengyle Terrace
Residence 30 Jun 1906 (age 25) Edinburgh, Scotland
86 Spottiswode Street
Census 1911 (age 30) Nottingham
419, Nottingham Road, Bulwell
Living with wife Agnes and children Alice and Gwynneth plus two servants, domestic and childrens nurse
Residence 1913 (age 31-32) Basford, Notts
419 Nottingham Road
Listed in Medical Register. Registered 14 September 1909. MB Bac Surg 1906 University of Edinburgh
Army Service btw 1917 and 1918 (age 35-37)
Surgeon Lieutenant in Royal Navy
Census 1921 (age 39-40) Stocksbridge, Yorkshire
Living with wife Elizabeth. Their 2 daughters were at Boarding School in Ulverston, Lancashire. Unable to find ahere their son was.
Residence 1932 (age 50) Edwinstowe, Notts
Mount Pleasant, South Forest
Still in residence in 1936
Residence 1937 (age 55) Edwinstowe, Notts
Dukeries Hotel
Census 1939 (age 57-58) Basford, Notts
Hagg Nook
Living with wife Catherine. A domestic servant also in residence
Death 18 Jan 1966 (age 84) Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire
Ivy Bank

Wife: Elizabeth Agnes Waddell RICHMOND

Name: Elizabeth Agnes Waddell RICHMOND
Sex: Female
Father: William RICHMOND (1848- )
Mother: Elizabeth Agnes ANDERSON (1857- )
Birth 1885 Kelvinside, Glasgow
Census 1891 (age 5-6) Newington, Edinburgh, Midlothian
17 Millerfield Place
With Mother and Father and brother Andrew and sisters Margaret and Alice
Census 1901 (age 15-16) Kelvin, Glasgow, Scotland
5 Melrose Street
Residence 30 Jun 1906 (age 21) Glasgow Scotland
5 Melrose Street
Census 1911 (age 25) Nottingham
419 Nottingham Road, Bulswell
Occupation Hospital Nurse
Death Jul 1935 (age 49-50) Southwell, Notts 7b 400

Child 1: Alice Gwynnedd LLOYD

Name: Alice Gwynnedd LLOYD
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard Greenwell St Martin DELIUS (1907-2003)
Birth 28 Apr 1908 Morningside Edinburgh
Census 1911 (age 2-3) Old Basford, Nottinghamshire
419 Nottingham Road
Living with parents and sister
Census 1939 (age 30-31) Ripon, Yorkshire
Far High, Westcliffe
Residence btw 1945 and 1948 (age 36-40) Ripon, Yorkshire
Rossett House, Green Lane
Residence btw 1948 and 1961 (age 39-53) Harrogate, Yorkshire
Rossett House, Green Lane
Death 2008 (age 99-100) Harrogate, Yorkshire

Child 2: Marjory Winifred LLOYD

Name: Marjory Winifred LLOYD
Sex: Female
Spouse: John William Hugh RUTTER (1907-1996)
Birth 31 Mar 1909 Edinburgh, Scotland
Census 1911 (age 1-2) Old Basford, Nottinghamshire
419 Nottingham Road
Living with Mother and Father and sister Alice
Travel 11 Jan 1949 (age 39) Diss, Norfolk
Fulham Street
Arrived in Liverpool with husband and son on RMVV ACCRA from APAPA, Nigeria. Also arrived at Liverpool bound for the same address with her son Christopher on31st July 1950 from Lagos
Death Sep 2002 (age 93) North Dorset

Child 3: Edward R F LLOYD

Name: Edward R F LLOYD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Caroline MARSH ( - )
Birth Jan 1914 Dudley, Worcestershire