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Family of John William GRAY and Rona SKUCE

Husband: John William GRAY
Wife: Rona SKUCE (1934- )
Children: Jeremy G GRAY
Jonathon R GRAY

Husband: John William GRAY

Name: John William GRAY
Sex: Male
Father: William Henry Matthew GRAY (1903-1970)
Mother: Ivy Florence Amelia FOXWELL (1904-1985)

Wife: Rona SKUCE

Name: Rona SKUCE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1934 Oxford, Oxfordshire
Residence btw 2002 and 2014 (age 67-80) Didcot, Oxfordshire
12 Usk Way

Child 1: Jeremy G GRAY

Name: Jeremy G GRAY
Sex: Male

Child 2: Jonathon R GRAY

Name: Jonathon R GRAY
Sex: Male