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Family of David CLARKE and Molly Poolman KEETCH

Husband: David CLARKE (1929- )
Wife: Molly Poolman KEETCH (1931- )
Children: Timothy CLARKE
Marriage 1955 Yeovil, Somerset

Husband: David CLARKE

Name: David CLARKE
Sex: Male
Father: Ernest Henry CLARKE (1894-1984)
Mother: Doris Ethel PARSONS (1902-2003)
Birth 19 Aug 1929 Yeovil, Somerset

Wife: Molly Poolman KEETCH

Name: Molly Poolman KEETCH
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 19 Jun 1931 Somerset

Child 1: Timothy CLARKE

Name: Timothy CLARKE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Susan Fiona HAIGH

Child 2: Jane CLARKE

Name: Jane CLARKE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Julian E CANNING

Child 3: Clare CLARKE

Name: Clare CLARKE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Simon PAYNE