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Family of Joseph Stanley GREEN and Jennifer Joy BROWN

Husband: Joseph Stanley GREEN (1946- )
Wife: Jennifer Joy BROWN (1941-2002)
Children: Liza Sharon GREEN
Amanda GREEN
Melanie Jane GREEN
Marriage Jul 1968 plymouth, Devon

Husband: Joseph Stanley GREEN

Name: Joseph Stanley GREEN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 12 Oct 1946 Totnes, Devon

Wife: Jennifer Joy BROWN

Name: Jennifer Joy BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: Dennis Foxwell BROWN (1902-1984)
Mother: Gladys May WHITEWAY (1905-1989)
Birth 8 Mar 1941 Plymouth, Devon
Death 13 Aug 2002 (age 61) Plymouth, Devon

Child 1: Liza Sharon GREEN

Name: Liza Sharon GREEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Kevin ZWIERKO

Child 2: Amanda GREEN

Name: Amanda GREEN
Sex: Female

Child 3: Melanie Jane GREEN

Name: Melanie Jane GREEN
Sex: Female