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Family of Leonard DUNFORD and Ruth Alice CLARKE

Husband: Leonard DUNFORD (1902-1963)
Wife: Ruth Alice CLARKE (1909-1991)
Children: Eric DUNFORD
Ann DUNFORD (1939-1941)
Margaret DUNFORD
Marriage 15 Mar 1938 Chilcompton, Somerset

Husband: Leonard DUNFORD

Name: Leonard DUNFORD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 21 Mar 1902 Chilcompton, Somerset
Death 8 Mar 1963 (age 60) Paulton, Somerset

Wife: Ruth Alice CLARKE

Name: Ruth Alice CLARKE
Sex: Female
Father: George Edward CLARKE (1871-1920)
Mother: Amy FOXWELL (1871-1955)
Birth 1 Nov 1909 Stratton on Fosse, Somerset
Census 1939 (age 29-30) Clutton, Somerset
Woodbine Cottage, The Pilchers
Living with Mother and husband Leonard DUNFORD. 1 record redacted
Death 15 May 1991 (age 81) Chertsey, Surrey

Child 1: Eric DUNFORD

Name: Eric DUNFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sheila Margaret CATTELL

Child 2: Ann DUNFORD

Sex: Female
Birth 9 Nov 1939 Chilcompton, Somerset
Death 7 Feb 1941 (age 1) Chilcompton, Somerset

Child 3: Leslie DUNFORD

Name: Leslie DUNFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Winifred Anne WILLISON

Child 4: Jack DUNFORD

Name: Jack DUNFORD
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rita NUTTALL (1946- )

Child 5: Margaret DUNFORD

Name: Margaret DUNFORD
Sex: Female