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Family of Ian Robert MENZIES and Valentine Lederry NAEF

Husband: Ian Robert MENZIES (1920-2009)
Wife: Valentine Lederry NAEF ( - )
Children: Ian Alan MENZIES (1951- )
Nicholas Kay MENZIES (1953- )
Peter MENZIES (1955- )

Husband: Ian Robert MENZIES

Name: Ian Robert MENZIES
Sex: Male
Father: Frederick Norton Kay MENZIES KBE (1875-1949)
Mother: Harriet May LLOYD (1890- )
Birth Apr 1920 Kensington, London
Death 2009 (age 88-89)

Wife: Valentine Lederry NAEF

Name: Valentine Lederry NAEF
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Ian Alan MENZIES

Name: Ian Alan MENZIES
Sex: Male
Birth 1951

Child 2: Nicholas Kay MENZIES

Name: Nicholas Kay MENZIES
Sex: Male
Birth 1953 California, USA

Child 3: Peter MENZIES

Name: Peter MENZIES
Sex: Male
Birth 1955