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Family of John Sheppard ALLIN and Marjory Helen PAGE

Husband: John Sheppard ALLIN (1905-1983)
Wife: Marjory Helen PAGE (1910-1973)
Children: Derek J ALLIN (1931- )
Antony G ALLIN (1939- )
Marriage Jan 1931 Woolwich, Kent

Husband: John Sheppard ALLIN

Name: John Sheppard ALLIN
Sex: Male
Father: Richard ALLIN (1872-1954)
Mother: Ada Frances BONE (1878-1960)
Birth 9 Feb 1905 Midhurst, Sussex
Death Oct 1983 (age 78) Chichester, Sussex

Wife: Marjory Helen PAGE

Name: Marjory Helen PAGE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 28 Mar 1910 Midhurst, Sussex
Death Apr 1973 (age 63) Midhurst, Sussex

Child 1: Derek J ALLIN

Name: Derek J ALLIN
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1931 Midhurst, Sussex

Child 2: Antony G ALLIN

Name: Antony G ALLIN
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1939 Midhurst, Sussex