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Family of William Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP and Jane Kerr MCGAW

Husband: William Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP (1848-1901)
Wife: Jane Kerr MCGAW (1849-1938)
Children: William Cunningham ARTHUR-WORSOP (1874-1948)
James Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP (1876- )
John Charles ARTHUR-WORSOP (1878-1961)
Leonce Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP (1878-1928)
Agnes Miller ARTHUR-WORSOP (1880-1979)
Louis Mainwaring ARTHUR-WORSOP (1882-1907)
Archibald Kerr ARTHUR-WORSOP (1884-1921)
Francis Henry ARTHUR-WORSOP (1886-1918)
Alphonse Campbell ARTHUR-WORSOP (1889-1926)
Marriage 1873 New Zealand

Husband: William Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: William Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Father: William ARTHUR-WORSOP (1818-1852)
Mother: Margaret Blanche HURNALL (1826-1918)
Birth 4 Aug 1848 Stocking Pelham, Hertfordshire
Emigration 1870 (age 21-22) to New Zealand
Residence 1890 (age 41-42) Rangitikea, New Zealand
Occupation Schoolmaster
Residence 1896 (age 47-48) Patea, New Zealand
Death Jul 1901 (age 52) New Zealand

Wife: Jane Kerr MCGAW

Name: Jane Kerr MCGAW
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 4 Feb 1849 Dalry, Ayr, Scotland
Residence 1919 (age 69-70) Wanganui, New Zealand
22 Argyle Street
Widow. Living alone
Death Mar 1938 (age 89) Hawera, New Zealand

Child 1: William Cunningham ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: William Cunningham ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ethel Mary NORRIS (1882-1948)
Birth Jan 1874 New Zealand
Death Apr 1948 (age 74) New Zealand

Child 2: James Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: James Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Birth 1876 New Zealand
Residence 1900 (age 23-24) Patea, New Zealand
Occupation Labourer

Child 3: John Charles ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: John Charles ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Daisy GUBB (1879-1954)
Birth Jul 1878 Dunedin City, Otago, New Zealand
Residence 1919 (age 40-41) Wanganui, New Zealand
Komini Street
Living with wife daisy
Residence 1946 (age 67-68) Auckland, New Zealand
60 Woodward Road
Living with wife Daisy and children Charles Brian; John Oscar; and Thelma Daisy
Occupation Carpenter
Death 16 Dec 1961 (age 83) Auckland, New Zealand
Buried in Papatoetoe Cemetery, Auckland

Child 4: Leonce Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Leonce Hurnall ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elsie Eva GRIFFIN (1891-1963)
Birth 28 Aug 1878 New Zealand
Conscription btw 1899 and 1901 (age 20-23) South Africa
Served with 10th new Zealand Contingent in Boer War
Residence 1911 (age 32-33) Rangitikea, New Zealand
Bonny Glen, Marton
Occupation Railway Employee
Death 23 Oct 1928 (age 50) Lepperton, New Zealand
Died Intestate

Child 5: Agnes Miller ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Agnes Miller ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Hamilton GARVEY (1870-1940)
Birth 1 Oct 1880 New Zealand
Death 1979 (age 98-99) New Zealand

Child 6: Louis Mainwaring ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Louis Mainwaring ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Birth 1882 New Zealand
Death 13 Nov 1907 (age 24-25) Auckland, New Zealand
Cause: Pericardtitis
Address: Died on board HMS Challenger

Child 7: Archibald Kerr ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Archibald Kerr ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret Honor LEIGH-LYE (1897-1980)
Birth 1884 Naseby Dunedin
Occupation Army - Pte, Medical Corps
Enlistment 16 Oct 1914 (age 29-30) Wanganui, New Zealand
22 Argyle Street
Served in New Zealand Medical Corps.
Death 21 Jul 1921 (age 36-37) Taranaki, New Zealand
He is buried in the Waitotara Cemetery. Reference:

Child 8: Francis Henry ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Francis Henry ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Birth 1886 New Zealand
Death 1918 (age 31-32) New Zealand

Child 9: Alphonse Campbell ARTHUR-WORSOP

Name: Alphonse Campbell ARTHUR-WORSOP
Sex: Male
Spouse: Gwendolene Doris WOOD ( - )
Birth 1889 New Zealand
Death 12 Mar 1926 (age 36-37) Hawera, New Zealand
117 Wheturangi Road