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Family of Robert LITTLE and Evelyn Gertrude SANDERCOMB

Husband: Robert LITTLE (1869-1944)
Wife: Evelyn Gertrude SANDERCOMB (1870-1928)
Children: Frank LITTLE (1894- )
Gertrude LITTLE (1895- )
Grantham Hall LITTLE (1906- )
Marriage 18 Jul 1892 South Shields, Durham

Husband: Robert LITTLE

Name: Robert LITTLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul 1869 South Shields, Durham
Occupation Manager, Timber Yard
Death Oct 1944 (age 75) Northumberland

Wife: Evelyn Gertrude SANDERCOMB

Name: Evelyn Gertrude SANDERCOMB
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel SANDERCOMB (1835-1902)
Mother: Myriam GRANTHAM (1836-1906)
Birth Apr 1870 Portsea, Hampshire
Death Nov 1928 (age 58) Wallsend, Northumberland

Child 1: Frank LITTLE

Name: Frank LITTLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1894 Northumberland

Child 2: Gertrude LITTLE

Name: Gertrude LITTLE
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 Northumberland

Child 3: Grantham Hall LITTLE

Name: Grantham Hall LITTLE
Sex: Male
Birth 1906 South Shields, Durham