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Family of Charles Sydney WINDERS and Sarah Ann CROKAM

Husband: Charles Sydney WINDERS ( - )
Wife: Sarah Ann CROKAM (1864-1909)
Children: Samuel William WINDERS ( -1962)
Marriage 26 Mar 1883 Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Husband: Charles Sydney WINDERS

Name: Charles Sydney WINDERS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Sarah Ann CROKAM

Name: Sarah Ann CROKAM
Sex: Female
Father: William CROKAM (1832- )
Mother: Hannah BONE (1832-1892)
Birth Jan 1864 Cape Town, South Africa
Breakwater Cottages
Baptism 31 Jan 1864 (age 0) Cape Town, South Africa
St John the Avangelist
Death 30 Jul 1909 (age 45) Queensland, Australia

Child 1: Samuel William WINDERS

Name: Samuel William WINDERS
Sex: Male
Death 1 Oct 1962 Queensland, Australia