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Family of George Edgar Shuter DAVIS and Althea KEEN

Husband: George Edgar Shuter DAVIS (1875-1937)
Wife: Althea KEEN (1893-1990)
Marriage Oct 1919 Marylebone, Middlesex

Husband: George Edgar Shuter DAVIS

Name: George Edgar Shuter DAVIS
Sex: Male
Father: George Acton DAVIS (1846-1929)
Mother: Mary Ann SHUTER (1848- )
Birth Apr 1875 Islington, London
Occupation Legal Profession - Solicitor
Education May 1889 (age 14) -; Harrow, Middlesex
He was in education at Harrow School in same year as Robert Percy St Martin DELIUS
Education 6 Oct 1894 (age 19) -; Kings College ; Cambridge
Death Oct 1937 (age 62) Marylebone, Middlesex

Wife: Althea KEEN

Name: Althea KEEN
Sex: Female
Father: W B KEEN ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 14 Sep 1893 Pancras, London
Death Jan 1990 (age 96) Crawley, West Sussex