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Family of Frederick Walter BLOOD and Beatrice FROST

Husband: Frederick Walter BLOOD (1857-1942)
Wife: Beatrice FROST (1862-1948)
Children: Mary Isabella BLOOD (1894- )
Hilda Beatrice BLOOD (1895- )
Katherine Margaret BLOOD (1900- )
Winifred Eileen BLOOD (1901- )
Sybil Harriet BLOOD (1907- )
Marriage 24 Sep 1892 St Mary , Chester

Husband: Frederick Walter BLOOD

Name: Frederick Walter BLOOD
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Oct 1857 Wirral, Cheshire
Occupation Wooden Box Manufacturer
Census 1911 (age 53-54) Birkenhead, Cheshire
38 Bidston Road
Living with wife beatrice and children and servants
Death Oct 1942 (age 84-85) Birkenhead, Cheshire

Wife: Beatrice FROST

Name: Beatrice FROST
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Gibbons FROST KB (1820-1904)
Mother: Mary Ann WOOD (1833- )
Birth 30 Jul 1862 Chester, Cheshire
Death Oct 1948 (age 86) Birkenhead, Cheshire

Child 1: Mary Isabella BLOOD

Name: Mary Isabella BLOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 1894 Chester, Cheshire

Child 2: Hilda Beatrice BLOOD

Name: Hilda Beatrice BLOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 1895 Birkenhead, Cheshire

Child 3: Katherine Margaret BLOOD

Name: Katherine Margaret BLOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 1900 Birkenhead, Cheshire

Child 4: Winifred Eileen BLOOD

Name: Winifred Eileen BLOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 1901 Birkenhead, Cheshire

Child 5: Sybil Harriet BLOOD

Name: Sybil Harriet BLOOD
Sex: Female
Birth 1907 Birkenhead, Cheshire