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Family of William Joseph TIMMS and Alice Emily LYNCH

Husband: William Joseph TIMMS (1875-1947)
Wife: Alice Emily LYNCH (1881-1951)
Children: Robert Stanley Thomas TIMMS (1905- )
Sidney George TIMMS (1909- )
Hilda Alice TIMMS (1910- )
Marriage 25 Apr 1903 Newbury, Berkshire

Husband: William Joseph TIMMS

Name: William Joseph TIMMS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1875 Cold Ash, Berkshire
Occupation Farmworker - Bailiff
Death 23 Mar 1947 (age 71-72) Binfield, Berkshire

Wife: Alice Emily LYNCH

Name: Alice Emily LYNCH
Sex: Female
Father: Robert LYNCH (1857-1901)
Mother: Alice BRIDGEMAN (1860-1936)
Birth Oct 1881 Newbury, Berkshire
Death 10 Jun 1951 (age 69) Binfield, Berkshire

Child 1: Robert Stanley Thomas TIMMS

Name: Robert Stanley Thomas TIMMS
Sex: Male
Birth 1905 Newbury, Berkshire

Child 2: Sidney George TIMMS

Name: Sidney George TIMMS
Sex: Male
Birth 1909 Marham, Norfolk

Child 3: Hilda Alice TIMMS

Name: Hilda Alice TIMMS
Sex: Female
Birth 1910 Brackley, Northamptonshire