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Family of John Walter SHERER and Annie Sarah WATSON

Husband: John Walter SHERER (1823-1911)
Wife: Annie Sarah WATSON (1836- )
Children: John Corrie SHERER (1868-1941)
Janet Woodford SHERER (1871- )
Jessie Harrington SHERER (1872- )
Josephine H SHERER (1879- )
Marriage 26 Sep 1867 West Brompton, Middlesex

Husband: John Walter SHERER

Name: John Walter SHERER
Sex: Male
Father: John Walter SHERER (1776-1846)
Mother: Mary CORRIE (1783-1859)
Birth 31 Dec 1823 Snenton Manor, Nottingham
Census 1861 (age 37-38) Marylebone, Middlesex
26 Duke Street
Living with wife Louisa and children Gertrude, Lucy and Walter
Census 1901 (age 77-78) Bath, Somerset
5 Russell Street
Living with wife Annie and children Janet W, Jessie,and Josephine
Census 1911 (age 87-88) Bath, Somerset
5 Russell Street
Living with wife Annie and daughters Jessie and Josephine, daughter in law Charlotte Elize SHERER b> India and married 8 years. 3 children born alive i living. Also Catherine E D SHERER, grandaughter age 7 b. Dalhousie, India
Death 30 Dec 1911 (age 87) Bath, Somerset
5 Russell Street

Wife: Annie Sarah WATSON

Name: Annie Sarah WATSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 11 Sep 1836 Barackpore, India

Child 1: John Corrie SHERER

Name: John Corrie SHERER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte Eliza DALZIL (1870-1931)
Birth 25 Oct 1868 West Brompton, Middlesex
Death 6 Mar 1941 (age 72) Bath, Somerset

Child 2: Janet Woodford SHERER

Name: Janet Woodford SHERER
Sex: Female
Birth 28 May 1871 Brompton, Middlesex

Child 3: Jessie Harrington SHERER

Name: Jessie Harrington SHERER
Sex: Female
Birth 2 Oct 1872 Bayswater, London

Child 4: Josephine H SHERER

Name: Josephine H SHERER
Sex: Female
Birth 1879 Bayswater, London