Family of James PATTLE and Adeline Maria De L'ETANG

Husband: James PATTLE (1775-1845)
Wife: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG (1793-1845)
Children: Adeline Maria PATTLE (1812-1836)
James Rocke Mitford PATTLE (1813-1813)
Eliza Julia PATTLE (1814-1818)
Julia Margaret PATTLE (1815-1879)
Sarah Monckton PATTLE (1816-1887)
Maria Theodesia PATTLE (1818-1892)
Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE (1821-1873)
Virginia PATTLE (1827-1910)
Harriett Trevor Charlotte PATTLE (1828-1828)
Sophia Ricketts PATTLE (1829-1911)
Marriage 18 Feb 1811 Bhaugulpur, India

Husband: James PATTLE

Name: James PATTLE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Sep 1775 West Bengal, India
Death 4 Sep 1845 (age 69) Chowringbee, West Bengal, India
James Pattles remains were buried in Camberwell in his Family's vault on 16 Mar1846

Wife: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG

Name: Adeline Maria De L'ETANG
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1793 Versailles, France
Death 14 Nov 1845 (age 51-52) At Sea

Child 1: Adeline Maria PATTLE

Name: Adeline Maria PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Colin MACKENZIE C.B. (1806-1881)
Birth 19 Feb 1812 West Bengal, India
Death 28 May 1836 (age 24) At sea

Child 2: James Rocke Mitford PATTLE

Name: James Rocke Mitford PATTLE
Sex: Male
Birth 8 Feb 1813 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Death Oct 1813 (age 0) Bengal, Calcutta, India

Child 3: Eliza Julia PATTLE

Name: Eliza Julia PATTLE
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Apr 1814 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Death 30 May 1818 (age 4) Calcutta, India

Child 4: Julia Margaret PATTLE

Name: Julia Margaret PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Hay CAMERON (1795-1880)
Birth 11 Jun 1815 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1851 (age 35-36) Richmond Surrey
Lodge, Mortlake
Married. living with children and 9 servants and 2 friends
Census 1861 (age 45-46) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
The Terrace
Living with husband and children Edwin Charles and Henry plus 6 servants
Census 1871 (age 55-56) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay
Living with husband and son Henry H. Annie & Lucy PRINSEP also in residence. Archibald D H CAMERON b. 1863 - grandson -also in residence
Death 26 Jan 1879 (age 63) Colombo, Sri Lanka

Child 5: Sarah Monckton PATTLE

Name: Sarah Monckton PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Thoby PRINSEP (1793-1878)
Birth 16 Aug 1816 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 44-45) Kensington, London
Little Hollland
Living with husband Henry and daughter Alice and various servants
Census 1871 (age 54-55) Kensington, London
Little Holland House
Living with busband and niece Mary E PRINSEP and various servants
Death 15 Dec 1887 (age 71) Brighton, Sussex
6 Montpelier Villas

Child 6: Maria Theodesia PATTLE

Name: Maria Theodesia PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John JACKSON (1804-1887)
Birth 7 Jul 1818 Born at Sea off Cornish Coast
Census 1861 (age 42-43) Hendon, Middlesex
Brent Lodge, Brent Street
Living with husband John and children Mary and Julia
Census 1871 (age 52-53) Freshwater. Isle of Wight
Freshwater Bay
Living with husband John. Julia her widowed daughter and grandchildren also in residence
Census 1881 (age 62-63) Hove, Sussex
5 Brunswick Terrace
Living with husband John
Census 1891 (age 72-73) Brighton, Sussex
3 Percival Terrace
Widow.Margaret, Millicent & Emma St John VAUGHAN also in residence - Grandaughters.Also Gerald DUCKWORTH - Grandson
Death 2 Apr 1892 (age 73) Kensington, London
22 Hyde Park Gate
Resident at 3 Percival Terrace, Brighton. Administration to Mary Louisa FISHER

Child 7: Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE

Name: Louisa Colebrooke PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry Vincent BAYLEY (1816-1873)
Birth 5 Oct 1821 Fort William, Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 39-40) Hampstead Middlesex
Ripper Terrace
Living with daughter Mia; William; Henry
Death Mar 1873 (age 51) Calcutta, Bengal, India

Child 8: Virginia PATTLE

Name: Virginia PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles SOMERS-COCKS - VISCOUNT EASTNOR (1819-1883)
Birth 14 Jan 1827 Calcutta, India
Census 1861 (age 33-34) Reigate, Surrey
The Priory
Living with husband and daughters Isabella & Adeline
Census 1871 (age 43-44) Ledbury, Herefordshire
Eastnor Castle, Easton
Living with husband Charles
Death 29 Sep 1910 (age 83) St Georges, Hanover Square, London

Child 9: Harriett Trevor Charlotte PATTLE

Name: Harriett Trevor Charlotte PATTLE
Sex: Female
Birth 3 Mar 1828 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Death Jun 1828 (age 0) Calcutta, Bengal, India

Child 10: Sophia Ricketts PATTLE

Name: Sophia Ricketts PATTLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Warrender DALRYMPLE (1824-1888)
Birth 19 Mar 1829 Calcutta, India
Census 1841 (age 11-12) Egleton, Herefordshire
With her sister Virginia
Census 1871 (age 41-42) Kensington, London
16 Stamford Road
Married. Living with daughter Virginia
Census 1881 (age 51-52) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
23 Dorset Street
Boarder. Married but described as Wife of Late Judge Dalrymple
Death 16 Jun 1911 (age 82) Monaco, France