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Family of Robert Benton PORTER and Hesther Arthur WORSOP

Husband: Robert Benton PORTER (1802- )
Wife: Hesther Arthur WORSOP (1820-1880)
Children: Richard Robert PORTER (1843- )
Benton PORTER (1844- )
George Markham PORTER (1845- )
Hester Arthur PORTER (1847- )
Cicely Beatrice PORTER (1850- )
Marriage Oct 1841 Howden, Yorkshire

Husband: Robert Benton PORTER

Name: Robert Benton PORTER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1802 London,
Occupation Legal Profession - Coroner & Solicitor

Wife: Hesther Arthur WORSOP

Name: Hesther Arthur WORSOP
Sex: Female
Father: Richard Arthur WORSOP (1781-1835)
Mother: Mary Ann MOAT (1793-1849)
Birth 5 Dec 1820 Howden, Yorkshire
Census 1851 (age 30-31) Howden, Yorkshire
Flatt Gate
Death 24 Apr 1880 (age 59) Howden, Yorkshire

Child 1: Richard Robert PORTER

Name: Richard Robert PORTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1843 Howden, Yorkshire

Child 2: Benton PORTER

Name: Benton PORTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1844 Howden, Yorkshire

Child 3: George Markham PORTER

Name: George Markham PORTER
Sex: Male
Birth 1845 Howden, Yorkshire

Child 4: Hester Arthur PORTER

Name: Hester Arthur PORTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1847 Howden, Yorkshire

Child 5: Cicely Beatrice PORTER

Name: Cicely Beatrice PORTER
Sex: Female
Birth 1850 Howden, Yorkshire