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Family of Francis Horatio NAPIER and Margaret Elizabeth Horatia HOPE

Husband: Francis Horatio NAPIER (1861-1949)
Wife: Margaret Elizabeth Horatia HOPE (1874- )
Children: Archibald John Robert NAPIER (1894-1967)
Laurence Egerton Scott NAPIER (1896-1969)
Basil Hope NAPIER (1911- )
Marriage 26 Apr 1893 St George, Hanover Square

Husband: Francis Horatio NAPIER

Name: Francis Horatio NAPIER
Sex: Male
Father: William NAPIER (1821-1876)
Mother: Louisa Mary LLOYD (1834-1908)
Birth 7 Feb 1861 St George, Hanover Square
Census 1861 (age 2 mns) Hanover Square, London
Census 1871 (age 10) Mary le Bone, Middlessex
14 Seymour Street
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Opthalmic Surgeon
Education 1877 (age 15-16) -
Census 1881 (age 19-20) Camberwell, London
Ettrick Cottage, The Avenue
Living with Mother
Residence 1899 (age 37-38) Cape Town, South Africa
Census 16 Sep 1938 (age 77) South Africa
Travelled back to South Africa with his wife Gladys on SS Stiring Castle
Death 1949 (age 87-88) Johannesburg, South Africa
His ashes were returned on 18 Jan 1950 for burial at Ettrick.

Wife: Margaret Elizabeth Horatia HOPE

Name: Margaret Elizabeth Horatia HOPE
Sex: Female
Father: William HOPE (1834-1919)
Mother: Margaret Jane CUNNINGHAM-GRAHAM (1835-1909)
Birth Jan 1874 Dagenham, Essex
Census 1881 (age 6-7) Battersea, London
Warwick House, Albert Bridge Road
Living with parents and brother
Census 1891 (age 16-17) Battersea, London
14 Cambridge Street
Living with parents and brother

Child 1: Archibald John Robert NAPIER

Name: Archibald John Robert NAPIER
Sex: Male
Birth 19 Mar 1894 York Town, Surrey
Occupation Army - Lieutenant
Census 1911 (age 16-17) Waterlooville, Hampshire
Boundary Oak
Living aith his cousin Emily Caroline NAPIER (50)
Census 1939 (age 44-45) Malvern, Worcestershire
1 Abberley Flats
Death Jun 1967 (age 73) Birmingham, Warwickshire

Child 2: Laurence Egerton Scott NAPIER

Name: Laurence Egerton Scott NAPIER
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Nora Creina CHRISTIAN (1894- )
Spouse 2: Florence Silvia JACK (1895- )
Birth 13 Feb 1896 Johannesburg, South Africa
Occupation Royal Navy - Lt Comdr
Travel 7 Sep 1925 (age 29) Durban
Arrived in Southampton on SS Saxon Castle with wife Nora Craina age 31
Travel 27 Jul 1931 (age 35) Natal
Arrived at Southampton on SS Warwick Castle with wife Sarah F and daughter Patricia
Death 19 Aug 1969 (age 73) South Africa

Child 3: Basil Hope NAPIER

Name: Basil Hope NAPIER
Sex: Male
Birth 6 Aug 1911 Catherington, Hampshire
Travel 1 Oct 1916 (age 5) England
Travelled from Transvaal, South Africa with his Mother.