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Family of Denis PROUT and Mary Ann POCOCK

Husband: Denis PROUT (1853-1928)
Wife: Mary Ann POCOCK (1855-1928)
Children: Edward Charles PROUT (1879- )
Ernest James PROUT (1881- )
Francis PROUT (1883- )
Alfred PROUT (1885- )
Harold PROUT (1888- )
Lilian Ethel PROUT (1892- )
Florence Edith PROUT (1894- )
Alister Denis PROUT (1896- )
Gertrude Hilda PROUT (1898- )
Sydney PROUT (1898- )
Kathleen Mary PROUT (1899-1907)
Marriage Oct 1878 Bradfield, Berkshire

Husband: Denis PROUT

Name: Denis PROUT
Sex: Male
Father: Charles PROUT (1830-1891)
Mother: -
Birth 1853 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Occupation Railway Timber Inspector
Census 1881 (age 27-28) Pangborne, Berkshire
United Buildings
Living with Mother in law Ann Jane POCOCK, her grandaughter Emily Ann POCOCK, His wife mary ann and children Edward and Ernest
Census 1891 (age 37-38) Caversham, Berkshire
5 Tenby Cottages, Westfield Road
Living with wife and children Edward, Ernest, Francis, Alfred, and Harold
Census 1901 (age 47-48) Caversham, Berkshire
South View Avenue
Living with wife and chilfdren, Edward, Francis, Alfred, Harold, Lilian, Florence, Alister, Gertrude and Sydney (twins) and Kathleen
Census 1911 (age 57-58) Caversham, Berkshire
South View Avenue
Living with wife and children Ernest, Lilian, Florence, Alister, Sydney and gertrude
Death 13 Oct 1928 (age 74-75) Caversham, Berkshire

Wife: Mary Ann POCOCK

Name: Mary Ann POCOCK
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1855 Bradfield, Berkshire
Death Jul 1928 (age 72-73) Caversham, Berkshire

Child 1: Edward Charles PROUT

Name: Edward Charles PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1879 Pangborne, Berkshire

Child 2: Ernest James PROUT

Name: Ernest James PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1881 Pangborne, Berkshire

Child 3: Francis PROUT

Name: Francis PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1883 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 4: Alfred PROUT

Name: Alfred PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1885 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 5: Harold PROUT

Name: Harold PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1888 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 6: Lilian Ethel PROUT

Name: Lilian Ethel PROUT
Sex: Female
Birth 1892 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 7: Florence Edith PROUT

Name: Florence Edith PROUT
Sex: Female
Birth 1894 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 8: Alister Denis PROUT

Name: Alister Denis PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1896 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 9: Gertrude Hilda PROUT

Name: Gertrude Hilda PROUT
Sex: Female
Birth 1898 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 10: Sydney PROUT

Name: Sydney PROUT
Sex: Male
Birth 1898 Caversham, Berkshire

Child 11: Kathleen Mary PROUT

Name: Kathleen Mary PROUT
Sex: Female
Birth 1899 Caversham, Berkshire
Death Jan 1907 (age 7-8) Caversham, Berkshire