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Family of Daniel BRIDGEMAN and Eliza BRADLEY

Husband: Daniel BRIDGEMAN (1817-1885)
Wife: Eliza BRADLEY (1823-1867)
Children: Dennis BRIDGEMAN (1844-1935)
Louisa BRIDGEMAN (1845- )
Henry BRIDGEMAN (1847-1916)
Mary A BRIDGEMAN (1850- )
Stephen BRIDGEMAN (1853-1862)
Esther BRIDGEMAN (1856-1887)
George BRIDGEMAN (1858-1927)
Alice BRIDGEMAN (1860-1936)
Richard BRIDGEMAN (1865-1949)
Marriage Oct 1843 Kingsclere, Hampshire

Husband: Daniel BRIDGEMAN

Name: Daniel BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Richard BRIDGEMAN (1789-1860)
Mother: Mary SIMPSON (1793-1839)
Birth 10 Aug 1817 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1861 (age 43-44) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Living with Eliza and family
Census 1871 (age 53-54) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Nutkins Cottages
Living with Eliza and children Esther, George, Alice and Richard
Census 1881 (age 63-64) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Nutkins Cottages
Living with children, Esther, George, Alice and Richard
Death Jan 1885 (age 67) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Wife: Eliza BRADLEY

Name: Eliza BRADLEY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 13 Apr 1823 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Death Oct 1867 (age 44) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 1: Dennis BRIDGEMAN

Name: Dennis BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hannah WHYTHE (1846- )
Birth Jul 1844 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 26-27) Henley, Oxfordshire
Sonning Eye, Eye & Dunsden
Living with wife hannah and children Frederick and Mary A
Census 1881 (age 36-37) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Ashford Hill
Living with wife (? noted as Mary A) together with children Frederick, Mary A,, Edith, Elizabeth and George
Census 1891 (age 46-47) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Plaistow Green
Living with wife hannah and children Frederick and George
Census 1901 (age 56-57) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Plaistow Green
Living with wife Hannah and son George
Census 1911 (age 66-67) Brimpton, Berkshire
Holdways Farm
Living with his son and daughter in law, George Ernest and Ada Isabella and grandaughter Edith Gwendoline
Death Jan 1935 (age 90) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 2: Louisa BRIDGEMAN

Name: Louisa BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 1845 Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 3: Henry BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Male
Spouse: Jane JEFFREY (1849-1927)
Birth Jan 1847 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1861 (age 13-14) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Living with parents
Death Jun 1916 (age 69) Alresford, Hampshire

Child 4: Mary A BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Female
Birth Jan 1850 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1871 (age 20-21) Earley, Berkshire
Private House, Sonning
Cook in home of William and Helen WOODMAN, Architect

Child 5: Stephen BRIDGEMAN

Name: Stephen BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Birth Jan 1853 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Death Jul 1862 (age 9) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 6: Esther BRIDGEMAN

Name: Esther BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles MAY ( - )
Birth 1856 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Death Oct 1887 (age 30-31) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 7: George BRIDGEMAN

Name: George BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Dorcas SMITH (1858-1927)
Birth Apr 1858 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Death Apr 1927 (age 68-69) Kingsclere, Hampshire

Child 8: Alice BRIDGEMAN

Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Robert LYNCH (1857-1901)
Spouse 2: Henry BARGENT (1861- )
Birth Jul 1860 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Census 1901 (age 40-41) Reading, Berkshire
95 Great Knollys Street
Living with Mother and stepfather and siblings George Sidney and Bessie
Death Mar 1936 (age 75) Reading, Berkshire

Child 9: Richard BRIDGEMAN

Name: Richard BRIDGEMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Matilda HISCOCK (1872-1936)
Birth Jul 1865 Kingsclere, Hampshire
Enlistment 28 Feb 1888 (age 22) Newbury, Berkshire
Enlisted in Royal Artillery
Census 1891 (age 25-26) Kingsclere, Hampshire
Haridans Farm, Union lane
Farl servant on farm of George and Elizabeth BUDDLE
Census 1901 (age 35-36) East Woodhay, Hampshire
Hollington Lane
Living with Matilda and Arthur
Census 1911 (age 45-46) Halfway, nr Hungerford, Berkshire
The Round House
Living ith Matilda and sons Arthur and William R
Occupation Farmworker - Carter on Farm
Death Mar 1949 (age 83) Newbury, Berkshire