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Family of Noel Ripley REYNOLDS and Helena Ackroyd STUART

Husband: Noel Ripley REYNOLDS (1906- )
Wife: Helena Ackroyd STUART (1905- )
Children: Peter A REYNOLDS (1933- )
Julian A C REYNOLDS (1935- )
Marriage Apr 1932 Mary le Bone, Middlessex

Husband: Noel Ripley REYNOLDS

Name: Noel Ripley REYNOLDS
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 19 Dec 1906 Teddington, Middlesex

Wife: Helena Ackroyd STUART

Name: Helena Ackroyd STUART
Sex: Female
Father: Charles Henry Ackroyd STUART (1874-1940)
Mother: Nellie (Helena) IEVERS (1881-1954)
Birth 22 May 1905 Claremont, Western Australia
Census 1939 (age 33-34) Chichester, Sussex
1 St Martins Square
Divorced. Living with parents

Child 1: Peter A REYNOLDS

Name: Peter A REYNOLDS
Sex: Male
Birth Apr 1933 Steyning, Sussex

Child 2: Julian A C REYNOLDS

Name: Julian A C REYNOLDS
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1935 Chelsea, Middlesex