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Family of Robert Russell Landale MORGAN and Harriett M Agnes TWEEDIE

Husband: Robert Russell Landale MORGAN (1859-1924)
Wife: Harriett M Agnes TWEEDIE (1873-1961)
Children: David Russell MORGAN (1907- )
Robert William Davidson MORGAN (1901- )
Marriage 22 Nov 1894 Bankipore, Bangal, India

Husband: Robert Russell Landale MORGAN

Name: Robert Russell Landale MORGAN
Sex: Male
Father: Alexander Gibson MORGAN (1817-1902)
Mother: Ellen Russell LANDALE (1831-1902)
Birth 31 May 1859 Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Occupation Merchant
Death 12 Jun 1924 (age 65) Dumfries, Scotland

Wife: Harriett M Agnes TWEEDIE

Name: Harriett M Agnes TWEEDIE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 5 Sep 1873 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Death 16 Apr 1961 (age 87) Dumfries, Scotland
Died at Lockerbie. Confirmation by Robert William Davidson MORGAN & Brigadier David Russell MORGAN

Child 1: David Russell MORGAN

Name: David Russell MORGAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Eve W FOSTER ( - )
Birth 26 Oct 1907 Calcutta, Bengal, India
Awards 21 Dec 1944 (age 37) North West Europe
Awarded Military Cross: Temporary Major, Highland Light Infantry

Child 2: Robert William Davidson MORGAN

Name: Robert William Davidson MORGAN
Sex: Male
Birth 11 Nov 1901 Calcutta, Bengal, India