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Family of James Arthur HODSMAN and Hilda Mary BROWN

Husband: James Arthur HODSMAN (1879-1944)
Wife: Hilda Mary BROWN (1882-1973)
Children: Margaret Mary HODSMAN (1908-1980)
Agatha HODSMAN (1910-1970)
Patricia M HODSMAN (1914- )
James Burr HODSMAN (1916-2002)
Mary Theresa B HODSMAN (1918-2007)
Marriage Oct 1907 York, Yorkshire

Husband: James Arthur HODSMAN

Name: James Arthur HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: George HODSMAN (1850-1916)
Mother: Sarah WHITEHEAD (1849-1931)
Birth 28 Feb 1879 York, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 31-32) Heworth without, Yorkshire
The Cottage, Stockton Lane
Living with wife Hilda Mayr and children
Occupation Whinstone Quarry Owner
Death Dec 1944 (age 65) Bournemouth, Dorset

Wife: Hilda Mary BROWN

Name: Hilda Mary BROWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 24 Nov 1882 York, Yorkshire
Death 15 Oct 1973 (age 90) Harborne, Birmingham

Child 1: Margaret Mary HODSMAN

Name: Margaret Mary HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Reginald BRIGGS (1906-1974)
Birth 11 Sep 1908 York, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 30-31) Harrogate, Yorkshire
Hollies, Slingsley Road
Living with husband Reginald
Death Dec 1980 (age 72) Doncaster, Yorkshire

Child 2: Agatha HODSMAN

Name: Agatha HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Birth 29 Sep 1910 York, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 28-29) Harrogate, Yorkshire
The Briary, Willaston Road
Living with Father
Death Dec 1970 (age 60) Scarborough, Yorkshire

Child 3: Patricia M HODSMAN

Name: Patricia M HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harold George Barry THOMPSON (1913-2007)
Birth 31 Mar 1914 York, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 24-25) Harrogate, Yorkshire
The Briary, Willaston Road
Living with Father and sister

Child 4: James Burr HODSMAN

Name: James Burr HODSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helga L RAMBUSH (1919- )
Birth 3 Jul 1916 Teesdale, Durham
Occupation Quarry Engineer
Travel 8 Feb 1935 (age 18) Demerera, British Guiana
Travelled with his parents and sisters on SS INGOMA from the Port of London. Resident at The Briary, Willaston, Harrogate. Arriving back 25 March 1935
Census 1939 (age 22-23) Stockton on Tees, Durham
44 Kensington Road
Single. Occupation Quarry Engineer now in 20th Div (N) R R Signals
Residence 1940 (age 23-24) Ripon, Yorkshire
The Briary, Willaston Road
On electoral register with Father & Mother and sisters Agatha & Patricia
Residence 1974 (age 57-58) Richmond, Quebec, Canada
Living with wife Helga
Death 2002 (age 85-86) Ontario, Canada

Child 5: Mary Theresa B HODSMAN

Name: Mary Theresa B HODSMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Raymond William DARWENT (1918-2000)
Birth 15 Jul 1918 Guisborough, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 20-21) Harrogate, Yorkshire
The Briary, Willaston Road
Living with Father and sisters
Death Mar 2007 (age 88) Harrogate, Yorkshire