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Family of George SIMPSON and Sophia Rawlinson NOBLE

Husband: George SIMPSON (1834-1905)
Wife: Sophia Rawlinson NOBLE (1833-1906)
Children: William G SIMPSON (1860- )
Joseph E SIMPSON (1862- )
Annie Sophia SIMPSON (1864- )
Edith A SIMPSON (1869- )
Hugh SIMPSON (1873- )
Nora Alberta SIMPSON (1878-1940)
Marriage 18 Nov 1858 Wrath upon Deare, Yorkshire
Holy Trinity

Husband: George SIMPSON

Name: George SIMPSON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1834 Withinsea, Yorkshire
Occupation Farmer - 25 acres
Death 9 Aug 1905 (age 70-71) Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire
99 Blenheim Street
Probate to wife Sophia

Wife: Sophia Rawlinson NOBLE

Name: Sophia Rawlinson NOBLE
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph NOBLE (1793-1877)
Mother: Mary RAWLINSON (1796-1853)
Birth Feb 1833 Nettleton, Lincolnshire
Census 1861 (age 27-28) Withinsea, Yorkshire
Census 1871 (age 37-38) Rimswell, Yorkshire
Blue Hall
Living with husband George and children. Father - Joseph also in residence
Census 1881 (age 47-48) Garton cum Grimstone, Yorkshire
Living with husband and children William, Hugh, and Nora
Census 1891 (age 57-58) Garton cum Grimstone, Yorkshire
Living with husband and children - Joseph, Annie, Edith and Nora
Census 1901 (age 67-68) Garton cum Grimstone, Yorkshire
Living with husband and daughter Nora
Death Jan 1906 (age 72) Sculcoates, Yorkshire

Child 1: William G SIMPSON

Name: William G SIMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1860 Owthorne, Yorkshire

Child 2: Joseph E SIMPSON

Name: Joseph E SIMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1862 Withinsea, Yorkshire

Child 3: Annie Sophia SIMPSON

Name: Annie Sophia SIMPSON
Sex: Female
Birth 1864 Owthorne, Yorkshire

Child 4: Edith A SIMPSON

Name: Edith A SIMPSON
Sex: Female
Birth 1869 Rimswell, Yorkshire

Child 5: Hugh SIMPSON

Name: Hugh SIMPSON
Sex: Male
Birth 1873 Rimswell, Yorkshire

Child 6: Nora Alberta SIMPSON

Name: Nora Alberta SIMPSON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas Edwin VARLEY (1881-1961)
Birth 1878 Rimswell, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 32-33) Roos, Ottringham, Hull, Yorkshire
Census 1939 (age 60-61) Holderness, Yorkshire
Grange Farm, Winestead
Death Mar 1940 (age 61-62) Holderness, Yorkshire