Family of Stephen SWAYNE and Harriett Maria JOHNSTONE

Husband: Stephen SWAYNE (1788- )
Wife: Harriett Maria JOHNSTONE ( - )
Children: Matilda SWAYNE (1824-1840)
James Dowell SWAYNE (1827- )
Mary SWAYNE (1831-1922)
Arabella Elizabeth SWAYNE (1835- )
Marriage 2 Nov 1821 Ghazeepoore, India

Husband: Stephen SWAYNE

Name: Stephen SWAYNE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 17 Nov 1788 Bristol, Gloucestershire

Wife: Harriett Maria JOHNSTONE

Name: Harriett Maria JOHNSTONE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Matilda SWAYNE

Name: Matilda SWAYNE
Sex: Female
Birth 19 Sep 1824 Dinapore, Bengal, India
Death Aug 1840 (age 15) Kurnaul, Bengal, India

Child 2: James Dowell SWAYNE

Name: James Dowell SWAYNE
Sex: Male
Birth 9 Nov 1827 Nussurabad, Bengal, India

Child 3: Mary SWAYNE

Name: Mary SWAYNE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Mordaunt FITZGERALD (1827-1867)
Birth 9 Oct 1831 Nasirabad, bengal, India
Census 1901 (age 69-70) Watford Herts
Overbury, Langley Road
Living with daughter although sensus says she is Mary F HILL?
Census 1911 (age 79-80) Southampton, Hampshire
Cherwell, Westwood Road
Living with daughter Edith and Son in law
Death Jun 1922 (age 90) Kensington, London

Child 4: Arabella Elizabeth SWAYNE

Name: Arabella Elizabeth SWAYNE
Sex: Female
Birth 6 Aug 1835 Saugor, Bengal, India