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Family of Michael Gerald FITZGERALD and Iona (Steve) YATES

Husband: Michael Gerald FITZGERALD (1924-2017)
Wife: Iona (Steve) YATES ( -2016)
Children: Penelope A FITZGERALD (1952- )
Marriage Jan 1949 Birmingham, Warwickshire

Husband: Michael Gerald FITZGERALD

Name: Michael Gerald FITZGERALD
Sex: Male
Father: Lancelot Cecil FITZGERALD (1890-1969)
Mother: Winifred WAINWRIGHT (1900-1977)
Birth 25 Aug 1924 Birmingham, Warwickshire
Death 6 Sep 2017 (age 93)
Occupation Medical Practitioner - Physician

Wife: Iona (Steve) YATES

Name: Iona (Steve) YATES
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Death 2016

Child 1: Penelope A FITZGERALD

Name: Penelope A FITZGERALD
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1952 Birmingham, Warwickshire