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Family of Frank Burr BROWN and Emily Martha FLINT

Husband: Frank Burr BROWN (1851- )
Wife: Emily Martha FLINT (1858-1936)
Children: Florence Emily BROWN (1880-1975)
Hilda BROWN (1882- )
George Edward BROWN (1885- )
Ethel Mary (May) BROWN (1886- )
Julia Elizabeth BROWN (1888- )
Frederick Cecil BROWN (1891- )
Olive Beatrice BROWN (1892- )
Francis Burr BROWN (1897- )
Marriage 5 Jun 1876 York, Yorkshire
New Street Chapel

Husband: Frank Burr BROWN

Name: Frank Burr BROWN
Sex: Male
Father: John BROWN (1817-1888)
Mother: Elizabeth BURR (1822-1891)
Birth 1851 Ashwick, Somerset
Census 1861 (age 9-10) Preston, Lancashire
7 Peelhall Street
Living with parents
Census 1871 (age 19-20) Wigan, Lancashire
Lodger in home of Robert Green
Census 1881 (age 29-30) York, Yorkshire
75 Monkgate
Lodging with his wife Emily and daughter Florence E in home of Edward and Emoly WILKINSON
Census 1891 (age 39-40) Upper Poppleton, Yorkshire
Lancaster Villa
Living with wife Emily and children
Occupation btw 1891 and 1896 (age 39-45) Cabinet Maker
Census 1901 (age 49-50) York, Yorkshire
17 Fulford Road, Wenlock Terrace
Living with wife and family
Emigration 26 Jan 1906 (age 54-55) from York, Yorkshire to Melbourne, Australia
Travelled with his son Frederick to Melbourne from London on SS ORONTES; His wife Emily Martha travelled on SS AFRIC from Liverpool to Sydney departing 7 Jun 1906 arriving 21 Jul 1906 together with her children George, Ethel, Julia and Olive
Emigration 7 Mar 1906 (age 54-55) from London, Middlesex to Melbourne, Australia
Occupation 1906 (age 54-55) Fruit Grower
Residence 1912 (age 60-61) Wide Bay, Nambour West, Queensland
Living with wife Emily and children Ethel May, Frank, George edward and Julia Elizabeth
Residence 1913 (age 61-62) Lilley, Nambour West, Queensland
Living with wife Emily and children Ethel, Frank, Frederick, George and Julia

Wife: Emily Martha FLINT

Name: Emily Martha FLINT
Sex: Female
Father: Isaiah FLINT (1825- )
Mother: Emily WHITE (1827- )
Birth Apr 1858 Great Boughton, Cheshire
Census 1861 (age 2-3) Doncaster, Yorkshire
12 St Sepulchre Rd
Living with parents and cousin
Residence 1928 (age 69-70) Wilmot, Tasmania, Australia
Penquite, Launceston
Living with husband Frank and daughter Olive
Death 1936 (age 77-78) Croydon, Victoria, Australia

Child 1: Florence Emily BROWN

Name: Florence Emily BROWN
Sex: Female
Spouse: George Barron HODSMAN (1881-1969)
Birth 11 Oct 1880 York, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 30-31) Ripon, Yorkshire
27 Henry Street, Coatham
Living with husband and children. Brother Francis also in residence
Census 1939 (age 58-59) Cotherstone, Yorkshire
Balder Grange
Living with husband and
Death Oct 1975 (age 94-95) Exeter, Devon

Child 2: Hilda BROWN

Name: Hilda BROWN
Sex: Female
Birth Jul 1882 York, Yorkshire
Census 1901 (age 18-19) York, Yorkshire
17 Wenlock Terrace, Fulford Rd
Living with parents

Child 3: George Edward BROWN

Name: George Edward BROWN
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1885 York, Yorkshire

Child 4: Ethel Mary (May) BROWN

Name: Ethel Mary (May) BROWN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Graham TENNANT (1890- )
Birth 30 Jun 1886 York, Yorkshire
Residence 1912 (age 25-26) Wide Bay Queensland
Montville, Nambour West
Living with parents
Residence 1936 (age 49-50) Evandale, Tasmania
Wentworth Street, Newstead
Living with her husband Charles

Child 5: Julia Elizabeth BROWN

Name: Julia Elizabeth BROWN
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1888 York, Yorkshire
Residence 1913 (age 24-25) Lilley, Nambour West, Queensland
Li ving with parents

Child 6: Frederick Cecil BROWN

Name: Frederick Cecil BROWN
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 1891 York, Yorkshire
Service Record 29 Jun 1915 (age 23) Brisbane Queensland Australia
Enlisted in Australan Imperial Force for duration of war. Wounded in action 20 Sep 1917 rejoined unit 17th Dec 1917. Returned to Australia 11th May 1919. Discharged 22 Aug 1919

Child 7: Olive Beatrice BROWN

Name: Olive Beatrice BROWN
Sex: Female
Birth Apr 1892 York, Yorkshire
Census 1915 (age 22-23) Lilley, Nambour West, Queensland
Living with parents
Residence 1928 (age 35-36) Evandale, Tasmania
Penquite, Launceston
Living with Mother

Child 8: Francis Burr BROWN

Name: Francis Burr BROWN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Emma Ellen LAREDO ( - )
Birth Jan 1897 York, Yorkshire
Census 1911 (age 13-14) Redcar, Yorkshire
27 Henry Street, Coatham
Living with sister Florence and her husband and family
Service Record 5 Jul 1915 (age 18) Brisbane Queensland Australia
Enlisted in Australian Imperial Force for duration of war in 11th Reinforcements 3rd F A Brigade. Wounded in Action 19 Oct 1917, returned to service 27 Nov 1917. Returned to Australia 1st May 1919.. Discharged 14 Aug 1919 at Hobart, Tasmania.
Residence 1928 (age 30-31) East Launceston, Tasmania
George Street, Bass
Living with wife Emma
Residence 1954 (age 56-57) Franklin, Tasmania, Australia
Occupation Port Inspector