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Family of David G KINGE and Melanie C DELLOY

Husband: David G KINGE (1954- )
Wife: Melanie C DELLOY (1954- )
Children: Arrianne Lucy KINGE (1985- )
Joel David KINGE (1988- )
Marriage May 1984 Swansea, Glamorgan

Husband: David G KINGE

Name: David G KINGE
Sex: Male
Father: Percy G KINGE (1929-2007)
Mother: Betty R M MESSAM (1932-1989)
Birth Jan 1954 Gosport, Hampshire

Wife: Melanie C DELLOY

Name: Melanie C DELLOY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jan 1954 West Glamorgan, Wales

Child 1: Arrianne Lucy KINGE

Name: Arrianne Lucy KINGE
Sex: Female
Birth Feb 1985 Swansea, Glamorgan

Child 2: Joel David KINGE

Name: Joel David KINGE
Sex: Male
Birth Sep 1988 Swansea, Glamorgan